Thinner middles, wider edges.

Fresh slip again, still wonderful, this time across a set of three plates, you can’t quite see all the etext but I like the idea of these things that go in sets and I want to keep playing with it. I’ve got lots of deadlines coming up as I’m sure I have said already and as always when it is just that bit too late I think I am making the most progress. Things always just really start to make sense once it’s too late. I am never completly satisfied with what I make and always think there is a better one waiting in the next bag of clay. I suppose that is a good thing but it’s really frustrating too when you want to have your best work for something.

Some new pots out of the kiln though, this is the insane plate that I was decorating during the “rain madness” period. I have calmed down hugely you’ll be glad to know, I have cycled to and from work twice now without getting wet. Fabulous news.
Today I threw some plates with thinner middles and wider edges. I think I need a plate change.

I made a plum and blackberry crumble last night, it was great, it was a big crumble, there was lots left. Now sadly there is just me at home to eat the left overs. Guess what’s for dinner for me for the next two nights? Thanks Alan for the plums, they’re great. Thanks hedges for the blackberries, they’re great too, the freezer is well stocked for the winter.
Off to the private view at the McGill Duncan Gallery in Castle Douglas tomorrow to join the throngs of customers who are trying to get their hands on a piece of Philbeck pottery. I’m working on gathering a crowd of screaming girls fainting for your possums Ron, watch this space.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Hannah,Glad to see you're OK, if a little lonely. Just looked at the Duncan McGill Gallery, I think me and Sue went in there when we were up, they had some great John Bellany paintings which Sue really covets. When I'm rich I'll buy her a picture of a women with a fish on her head…..Good luck with your exhibition, hope you sell loads!Love the Ron Philbeck pots as well, he has my sort of sense of humour…Look after yourselfDave (& Sue) x

  2. Ron says:

    Ha! Thanks Hannah. Take some pics for me. Wish I could be there.Thanks Dave.

  3. ang says:

    haha bring on the girl power H.. hope it's a good show, your plates are looking totally yum and i now can appreciate the process of the slip, just lovely…

  4. jimgottuso says:

    i really really like the insane plate

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