Things that have been a happening

This new format is taking me a little time or two to get the hang of, it’ll come though I’m sure.

This week, well since Dan left, I have been trying to concentrate on getting pots finished that were already underway so that they are drying ready for the next wood firing and trying to firstly decide absolutely what I want to send to an upcoming exhibition and secondly make those said things.

Hatfield House, Art in Clay is coming up next Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so those pots are pretty much ready to go, well, when I have decided what I am doing with my stand and which I am taking. Apart from that, oh and packing, well apart from picking the pots, working out the stand and packing the pots, oh and driving there, apart from all those, I am pretty much ready.

This little lady will be coming with me.

The week before last I had a short sharp trip down to London to the tenth anniversary gathering of the Patrons, Trustees and recipients of the Oli Bennett Charitable Trust. I was supported by the trust in 2005 when I was looking to purchase my first kiln and they always invite me to their annual do at Westminster School where Oli had been a pupil but until this time I have never had the chance to go. I was very lucky to be offered a place to stay the night in a house whose has a garden backing onto the walls in the image above. How lucky was I! Thank you Dixie.

So tomorrow will be slipping slipping of those 18 jugs in the first image and maybe maybe a wee bit of throwing.

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4 Responses to Things that have been a happening

  1. Susan says:

    That first plate is stunning.
    We can’t make Hatfield this year, we do occasionally, have a good time.

  2. suzi caswell says:

    What a cool place to spend the night!
    Your work is fantastic! I’m in love with the mermaid.
    I found you ages ago via Dan, Meredith etc…..but don’t think I have posted here before.

  3. That first plate is a real stunner, hope Hatfield goes well for you.

  4. Paul Jessop says:

    Pots are looking great.
    Good luck at Hatfield.

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