Things on the beach on new years eve.

We walked down on the coast today, from Balcarry Bay to Rascarrel point. A beautiful day, there has been nothing but beautiful days here for a while, two weeks or so of icy temperatures but blue skies beyond belief and that lovely low winter sunshine.

I love the patterns that form in the ice though trying to walk up icy paths and roads I don’t like so much. We climbed Screel the other day and it was like trying to walk up a glacier minus your crampons.

A washed up unicorn head, a common sight in theses parts

And then. . . . . the best find of the day which left me with fingers that lost all feeling and went pure white in no time but did end up with me having a lump of icy new wild clay sat here now which I can play with next year!

My Secret Santa came early to me, she didn’t have far to travel and we were meeting at a carol service a couple of weeks ago anyway, it was from the lovely Christine and I now have a startled chuck mug to add to my Christine collection. Thanks Christine, hope yours arrives soon from who knows where.

So that’s it really, a whole year and what a year. So much has happened, so many pots made, so many friends met and new friends made, so many blog posts written. 2010 is a whole new year, what will it bring of course we have no idea but all we can do is give it our best shot and what will be will be. Have a good New Years Eve if you are celebrating it and no doubt I’ll see you in 2010.
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5 Responses to Things on the beach on new years eve.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Whoa, a Unicorn head! Perhaps the rest of it will turn up hidden in black bags across Dumfries & Galloway…..Have a great New Year, love the mug.Dave x

  2. Ron says:

    Yes that unicorn head is shocking! Happy New Year Hannah.

  3. ang says:

    oh lovely H, hope some super thing happen this year for you, happy new year, ang x

  4. soubriquet says:

    Wild people up there sacrificing unicorns at Midvinterblot. Though, I'm told the steaks are good, if marinaded in red wine.

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