These things are sent to try us.

What a week! It’s been a funny one really, chaotic in some respects but at the same time a lot of waiting for things to happen before I could get on with the next bit. The worst of it is that my kiln is playing up. I can’t work it out, all the elements seem to be heating up (I have singed finger tips to prove it!) but it’s taking it far longer than it should to get to temperature and my usual trick for evening out the temperature at the top and bottom has had no effect. I unpacked a glaze firing today and at the top it was very under fired, cone 04 still standing straight but at the bottom cone 04 was completely flat. There were only four shelves in it, it’s about 12cubic foot I think. My glaze has a very narrow firing range unfortunately so the top is not mature but the bottom has shimmered on the rims and left the pots.
The real pain is that at the point where the heat is too much, the colours are so gorgeous they make you drool! I am going to do some more glaze tests, try to find one with a wider range of happiness.

These are the big jugs that I was having fun decorating a few weeks ago and one of those big plates that I had made in the “beat out the base and coil and throw the rim on” method. There are another two of these to get fired yet to complete the order, this is the second of four.

This jug with the oak tree I really rather liked. It seems to have survived the shimmering problem too thankfully and is now on it’s way to a gallery in Ripon, Hornseys.

This is the now rather nasty handle on the one with the tulip. It’s a shrinkage / glaze / body fit thing and is very frustrating.

This is my stand for this weekend set up in my workshop to see how things look, I really hope it’s going to be ok. I’ll be home late late on Tuesday, the show is open Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and only to trade customers.
Here I am on a friday night typing up my price lists and CV and statement for the weekend knowing that my regular blogging buddies are all at Doug’s private view and seeing fabulous pots and lots of them by the sound of it. I wish you every luck Doug I’m sure it’s wonderful and I look forward to seeing the pictures when I get back.

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4 Responses to These things are sent to try us.

  1. ang says:

    Hi Hannah, how old are your elements? it sounds like it could be just the top one that’s worn especially with the firing slowing down so much. We just had a kiln taking 15 hrs to reach temp, put in new elements now rockets up in 8 hrs. It also sounds like a plan to create a glaze with a wider firing temp much more your stuff hope you find a solution soon.. ang

  2. Ron says:

    Hey Hannah, Hope you get this worked out. I’ve been curious to see how much of a range my glaze has. I know I can go to 02 but wonder what would happen beyond that. Anyhow, it would have been great to go to Doug’s show, maybe all our blogging pals will take lots of photos.

  3. Hannah says:

    My elements are about 3 months old, I replaced the lot recently. The kiln was always much cooler at the top from it being new so I had intermediary controls fitted so I could control each bank of elements separtly from the main controller, so now I can turn the bottom one down which usually allows the top to even out with the bottom. I’ve just emailed my kiln men so hopefully they will have some brain wave. I’ll let you know what happens.

  4. chaetoons says:

    HannahHave been experiencing a somewhat similar situation with a “new” kiln bought this past Aug-Sept.Am wondering (as i tear my hair out!) if it’s the thermocoupler? Mine bisques fine. It’s the glaze firing that is causing the “situation”. Is yours a digital programmer? Let us know, what your kilnmen advise . . . HugsChae

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