The Weekend

Helen’s signage in action. The sale went well, pleasantly well indeed, good to see the friends that did come and have a natter and to meet some new people too. A bit more space in teh workshop now, though there are still some pots left should anyone be requiring any.

Having a pot luck lunch tomorrow with the other lassies who have studios at the same place as me and with Hazel and Alan too. I won’t tell those attending till after lunch that the bandage on my finger is as a result of being not quite careful enough whilst chopping up the leeks. Oops.
Finally for Ron, I had a thought, when I said it was minus 8 here the other night I meant minus 8 degrees Centigrade.
Oh and even more finally, for Annonymous, nothing booked work-wise for Christmas Day, my sincere appologies, that is an oversight. I may set up a table at the side of the road here outside the house. That way I can speak to any interested parties whilst keeping an eye on the turkey that’ll be in the oven at the same time. Thanks for pointing that out, must try harder next year!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    It just confirms ladies can multi-task…………..I think I did say ‘hard working’. A little bit of festive fun!!

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