The Ups and Downs of Pottery

Ah the joys of the world of pottery. The ups and downs. The highs and lows. The ‘oh my goodness this is the best thing in the world’ s. The ‘I hate this all why do I bother’ s. This last week has been one of those. It’s my own fault in many ways. If I just did what I know already then I probably wouldn’t have such huge disasters but I’m not really one for taking the easy route.

I am really excited by what I am making a the moment. I don’t often say that but at this time I am. I have been trying to make large square platters with lots of layers of slips and resists and trailing and a bit of sgraffito oh and all the while trying to keep the borders clean and naked. These in the photos are pretty small ones but they are great for working out how to tackle the larger ones. It’s a rather steep learning curve trying to deal with the making and the drying and learning when I can pick them up and when I can move them and at what stage if any I can turn them over. It’s enormously frustrating but at the same time very exciting.

This coming weekend will be Spring Fling. This is Dumfries and Galloway’s open studios event. It happens the second bank holiday weekend in May each year and is such a buzz. This year we have 95 studios taking part and artists and crafts people of a huge variety of materials. If you are even vaguely in the area I can recommend making the effort to come out to visit a studio or two. Have a look at the website for a taste of the event and to see what’s happening.

I have started, of a fashion, getting the place ready but mainly that is waiting till Doug gets here on Wednesday to help me sort all that out. I need to shift shelves around and dust pots and make sure everything is priced and I have a stack of wood that needs shifting into the kiln shed and lots of spiders’ webs to gently encourage to be somewhere else.

Anyway tomorrow the electrickery people are working on the lines so it’ll be a day without tea unless I remember to take my wee gas stove with me, I’d be surprised if we still have any power to be turned off by the sounds of the thunder storm outside that has been raging for the last six or so hours. Anyway, before the electric goes off with the lightening flashes I shall end this post and save and publish it.

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  1. Anne Doyle says:

    isn’t it fun to be trying new things! Fun but also maddening at times… I love the new designs 🙂 and can’t wait to see them fired 🙂

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