The start of all sorts

This is the lane leading down to Peter and Jill Dick’s workshop in Yorkshire, as we arrived we saw Jimmy Saville leaving the village tea room, now then, now then. Another pottery in another beautiful location, I do know potters that work in places that are not so rural and scenic but I seem not to visit them as often as I visit this sort. That’s very unfair of me really.

I was a little bit sad not to be able to see more of the wood fired slipware that the pottery is famous for but it was interesting to see the way that Peter and Jill are adapting their production these days.

I loved these wee mad birdies as handles on these jars, I really must do some more modelled mad birds.

I was surprised to learn that Jill doesn’t enjoy the decorating as much as Peter does meaning that most of the decorated pieces in the showroom are Peter’s. The years of practise make for some lovely smooth flowy shapes within the decoration.
Today I decorated this loving cup along with lots more plates but here is the process for this one.
1. Leather hard loving cup, firm leather hard at that, those handles are asking for trouble at the best of times so if they were a little too damp it’d all get very messy.

2. Dip in white slip and shake off the excess.

3. I missed a picture, meant to take one with just the banding and lettering and before I had started to do the pearling.

4. Close up of the decoration, the couple ordering this piece had requested thistle heads, bees and holly leaves. My decoration as always is not supposed to be an exact copy but more a representation and feel of the subject.

Paul’s mum lives in Sheffield and a regular pass time when we stay with her is walking in the woods near her house, of course autumn for me is by far the best time to visit them, you would not believe how huge my conker / sweet chestnut / acorn collection is this year, it’s a belter!

In her garden Paul’s mum has a very hard working apple tree. We came home with a couple of carrier bags full of apples and our kitchen has turned into an apple production factory. So far, three apple pies (one with blackberries, one with currants and one just apple), an apple cake and an apple crumble. All that and we’ve barely made a dint on the apple stash. Any apple recipes, preferably freezable ones gratefully received.
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  1. Big Al says:

    Awesome pot! I adore your decorating.Wow! That is some serious cooking! Here is a REAL Granny Smith’s apple pie recipe. This is from my wife’s Grandmother Smith, hence a Granny Smith apple pie:Filling:slice, peel, core 8 apples +/-1 tsp. cinamon1 cup water1/2 cup sugarMix the above 3 items and sprinkle over apples. Pour mixed apple mixture into 9×9 or so pan with 2 tbsp of lemon juice.Topping:1 and 1/2 cups of flour1/2 cup sugar6 tbsps of butterMix above ingredient together well.Sprinkle topping over filling and bake 40 minutes @ 350 degrees.I’ll ask my mother-in-law how she freezes apples and post that, too.Now, if you want to share the crumble and cake recipe that would be awesome.

  2. Ron says:

    You are amazing! Have I told you that before? Cool loving cup. Man I bet your house smells good.

  3. ajsimmons says:

    Really love those thistle heads Hannah….beautiful! We have also been given a very large bag of apples (Dan gave some away, I don’t think I’ll be quite as industrious as you but doing a pie, crumble and i did think i’d try some chutney…..and I am happy we are doing Collins Xmas Market together, it’ll be a nice finish to the festive selling season (oh and then corsock crafts but thats a doddle…). Have a great time in Oxford (although you have gone already probably….see you soon x

  4. Alex Solla says:

    Hey there Hannah-I finally made a sliptrailer much like the one you posted on your blog. Made me wonder though… do you use any sort of deflocculant in your slip? Seems like with the thickness you’re pouring/dipping on some of your pots, you’d almost have to be using something to keep from over-saturating the pots. So, what do you do?As always, it is great reading your blog!

  5. I’ve always wanted to visit the Dick’s pottery – as usual you actually DO it! You’re brill!

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