The Pleasure of Finished Pots

Today I have unpacked the first glaze kiln in a long long time. It’s been a weird old year so far, my creative brain seems to have been hibernating or just not even present at times. Anyway I think it’s back and I am trying to make the most of it while I can. I have made lots of pots in the last few weeks and been getting really excited about them too. It’s so good to feel that rush again. Suddenly there are more ideas for pots and plans for decoration than there is time to make them. Wonderful!

There’s always that nagging thought though of, well if I can make these pots in this short space of time just imagine what I could have accomplished if I had been working more solidly. Never flipping satisfied am I? I know, it’s a pain and I’m too hard on myself but it’s the way I am.

I am rather pleased with these ghostly mugs here with white slip and white slip and some bleeding under the paper templates.

The smallest of the three tygs. The second and third are in the kiln for a bisque as we speak, fingers crossed the crazy wild weather we are having doesn’t knock the power off. Tomorrow I’ll be back at it making some fat bellied bigger jugs and hopefully handling some puzzle jugs. It’s all go go go at the workshop and it’s good good good.

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5 Responses to The Pleasure of Finished Pots

  1. Nice to see your finished work. It seems to take ages for things to come together but it’s worth it when they do.

  2. Mandy says:

    This fair brightens my day to see!! 😀 So pleased that things are coming together! And not only just coming together dut looking so darned lovely!! Minnesota isn’t going to know what’s hit it 😉

  3. karen nakakihara says:

    Nice work, Hannah! I love the pot in the last photo!

  4. KateUK says:

    This year it has been hard to get into the swing of working for me too-and like you, I get cross with myself for not doing more… but, thinking time is important too! That first jug is gorgeous.

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