The Most Wonderful Day!

CeremonySo, May 2nd, what a beautiful and wonderful day. We couldn’t have wished for a more special and perfect day if we had tried. Corsock Church was full of friends and family and love.

Just marriedThe ceremony was taken by our friend Bob, ex Cannon of Westminster Abbey, (Corsock Church is a touch smaller but no less wonderful). The Feral Choir sang for us in the ceremony and were amazing with Ali Burns their leader, the sound was huge and majestic. I know, wearing a dress and everything! Be amazed people, I was. A charity shop purchase, wonderfully adapted and made to make me feel a princess by my dear friend Natalie who, when not painstakingly taking apart and remaking wedding dresses is a superb jeweller (wedding rings and shard necklace creator).

pots in the churchFriends filled the church with pots and flowers and foliage.

Wedded in the rainAfter the ceremony we processed down to the village in the rain but who cares! Led by a piper courtesy of our Cape Cod pals we laughed and smiled and walked in wonder holding up the traffic and being greeted right left and centre by more and more of our friends.

SpeachesThe hall was bedecked by the same church flower crew and with a little help from Mr Geoff Forest who created these amazing willow structures. The fact that the hall was too small for our number of guests was not too much of a problem being as the pub is just next door and kindly allowed our guests to flow too and fro throughout the evening.

The music for the evening was provided brilliantly by The Misdemeanours who have a pottery buddy of ours as a member and who travelled from Penrith to be with us. They kindly put Doug’s poem to music just for the evening.

Kevin Garlick bootsAnd for those of you with a thing for shoes and who thought I might just be wearing my work boots under the frock, may I introduce boots made by the superb skill of Kevin Garlick, and for a girl that never wears heels they are mighty comfortable. I love them.

So from Mr. and Mrs. Fitch, here’s to the beginning of forever. There are many more photos from the day which may find their way here over time. I can’t tell you how much we both enjoyed the whole day. We are still being carried aloft on a cloud of love and happiness and being carried along by the warm wishes of so many friends and family. Thank you all so much, they are all special to us.

Photos courtesy of Ben Boswell and Rick Minshull.

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7 Responses to The Most Wonderful Day!

  1. Debbie Ashurst says:

    Hi. I first came across your lovely pots when I worked at culross pottery and gallery, am the proud owner of one of your milk jugs and follow you on Facebook. And despite not knowing you from Adam I really wanted to say just how awesome your wedding looked. I saw some beautiful pics on Facebook and just read the above and everything just exuded love and joy and friends and family. Not any of the ‘off the peg’ weddings so many hanker for. I am a bit of a romantic and thought you special day looked like one of the best weddings ever. Wish you both a long and happy married life together. Debbie

    • Hi there,

      Congratulation Doug an Hannah, fabulous day.

      Excuse distracting from what looked like such a beautiful day, just listening to the music right now too. Anyway I grew up right across the road from Culross Pottery (I am thinking). We are talking Sandhaven. Small world if so.

      Lovely song,

  2. Dennis Allen says:

    So happy for you both. May you stay on that cloud forever.

  3. Rui Paiva says:

    Hello Doug & Hannah!
    Congratulations and my wishes of full happiness for you both.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Jenny Lambert says:

    Congratulations you lovely pair!!!

  6. Peter says:

    Dear Hannah and Doug,
    Hearty Congratulations and Best Wishes on your wedding, and for the years ahead. You look such a happy and lovely couple in the photos, and the beautiful dress and shoes have transported Hannah from the happy muddy person we usually see wrestling with damp pots and wet slip, to a lovely princess!
    No doubt you will be both working furiously hard at more pots again for all the summer events, but it will be a special and joyful time for you.
    Kind Thoughts, Peter & Laura

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