The Micro Cosmic Pantomime

The bit of my brain that has kept awake and is still thinking through the current haze is beginning to panic about the fact that on saturday morning I have to open my workshop to the public. The Spring Fling is almost upon us and my workshop is still in the chaos I left it in when I unpacked the car on getting back from Wales. Not good.

I just drove down to the doctors this morning and stopped for milk and things to make me feel better on the way back and am now exhausted. There is a kiln full of bisque pots at work that need glazing and there is a whole load of sorting and tidying and cleaning and making things look slightly more presentable to be done. At least I now have some medicine which hopefully will start to kick in soon, that’ll make a difference.

I’m looking forward to meeting Petra Pennington this weekend. She is a “new face” for Spring Fling this year and is going to be putting on a performance in the barn opposite my workshop called “The Micro Cosmic Pantomime!” It’s certainly going to give any of our regular visitors something new and exciting to see.
By the way have a look at this tasy piece of slipware. Under the bed indeed, oh my!
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  1. Hope you feel well soon. I came in from my studio tonight at about 10:30 as we are off for the week-end tomorrow and I had things to sort out before I could leave it! All the best with Spring Fling.

  2. ang says:

    do you have a plan yet for your wood fire kiln?

  3. Hey Hannah, hope you are feeling a little better today. Get some scotch down you!

  4. Hannah says:

    Hi Ang, a plan for the new kiln, yes I do, it has gotten as far as: Build one! Sorry. Will let you know when I get it a bit more sussed out.Hi Matt, feeling better thanks yes, I have some lemons and honey to put with the whiskey though some say that that is a crime. Could make for a merry evening tonight.

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