The London Jungle Book and Othere Stories

Well probably not many other stories just at the moment if truth be told but The London Jungle Book has recently been lent to me by Margie Booth (another Spring Fling participant). It’s beautiful. It is the vision of London as seen by Bhajju, an artist from the Gond tribe in central India. The art that this tribe practises is a community art, created and enjoyed by their villages not in any way produced commercially. Their folk art is constructed of symbols to tell the mythology. Have a look if you get the chance, it’s beautiful and the explanations for the imagery used to illustrate each piece of the tale of Bhajju’s visit is fabulous.

My big tree friend on the road down here seems to have shot into leaf over night. Tis beautiful. I say hello to it every time I pass by it.

I seem to have had lots of new readers recently, or new to the comments at least, hi to you all and thanks for reading my blog. To follow up the “what to do over Spring Fling” quandary, I have been offered a gazebo to borrow by Clare and Simon, fellow potters, thank you very much. I haven’t really worked out just where to put it yet though but I will. Linda yes I could and have put things out in the farm yard, the wet as you say wouldn’t matter a jot but it can be very windy there, the gusts hurtle through sometimes at some crazy speeds, speeds of great danger to pots. So I am still thinking and pondering at the moment. Finally for today, to my elves, you do know that it is a term of endearment and not all reach that status of elfdom.
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