The Journey South via… Volume II

And the journey continued. Next stop was the Kentucky Folk Art Centre in Morehead, Kentucky. Just minutes before I took the photograph of the side of this building Dan had locked the keys in the van. I left him waiting for a friendly local fella to come and help him fix the predicament.

Dan had promised me the museum was a treat and indeed it is. Especially for us visiting they had even installed an exhibition all about the Lee Clay Products Company on the upper floor. I just love this truck, somehow I think I might have to make something along those lines for Gregor.

After this was the start of the last stretch towards Virginia and the place that somehow feels very like home even though this was only to be my second visit there.

We came through some storming weather on that last stretch. Oh yes, this was just after spending almost 25 minutes attempting to buy a couple of stamps at teh post office to send some postcards home. I had no idea it was such a crazy weird thing to ask for, stamps, in the post office? Who’d have thought?

Through the storms and into the clear cool evening.

We arrived having driven from the land where spring had barely started in Minnesota where the trees were leafless but where around every corner was another lake, through the flat lands and tended arable fields somewhere in the middley bit, up into the mountains of West Virginia and finally into the rich green humidity of a Virginian spring coming summer.

Next installment is that of my second home on that lovely old farm outside Fredericksburg.


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