The Journey South Via … Volume I

From the rural country of the St. Croix Valley to the hubbub of The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St.Paul. I had a bit of a rough day that day and ended up having to have a few hours sleep in the afternoon to try to shift a cold. I was awake in time to get the tram over to The Twins game that evening. My first ever live baseball game.

A little bit of Scotland in a Tunnocks Caramel Wafer enjoying the baseball game.

It was an interesting experience to be honest and actually I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. There’s a lot of time when the players seem to be doing very little which was rather a surprise and the side shows of the dancing competitions and running races between cartoon characters was bizarre to say the least.

On the Slipware Tour in 2011 we found a stranded Miss Piggy toy, Dan and I were talking about it as we set off on out next major road trip together and at the first rest stop we stopped at, what did we find? Not Miss Piggy but a new road trip companion none the less. This time without the need to run the gauntlet of a machete wielding man.

We headed south in a slightly wiggly way, firstly heading through Wisconsin and hoping to visit Taliesin, one of Frank Lloyd Wright‘s buildings. Unfortunately we turned up just after the last tour had left so we didn’t see the house but we did see the visitor centre, also one of his designs.

Just to prove that not everything in America is bigger than it is here. I’ve never seen such little Ritz biscuits before.

Big bridge over a huge valley in somewhere that I just can’t quite name but it was pre Frickle episode.

Kentucky town, I don’t know the name, maybe Dan Finnegan will be able to fill in the blanks for me. This was the town of the Frickle episode, kindly supplied by a lovely local gentleman who recommended the wee place we ate in that night. I did try Frickles in North Carolina with Mr Philbeck, from what I remember the Kentucky ones were of a crispier texture than their southern cousins. Anyway I couldn’t eat many of them whichever version, one or two were good though.

Come back soon for the next road trip installment…

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2 Responses to The Journey South Via … Volume I

  1. Daniel Finnegan says:

    It was Georgetown, kentucky and polished off the rest of those tasty frickles!

  2. Anna says:

    Those tiny ritz crackers in the peanut butter flavor are very addictive!!

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