The end of one the start of another

The end of another year, yet again I wonder where on earth it went and what I did during it all. I just had a quick flick back through the blog and there’s a lot there however so I don’t think I was slacking too much.

Paul and me a top of Screel last January, we walk up there quite a lot, I can see the hill from the window where I am typing this from, it’s a bit misty over there today so the view from the top wouldn’t be what is was the day the picture was taken.

I spent a weekend with Doug early in the year and got the chance to spend a bit of time with Blogger Paul, we’ve only ever really had a quick hello before so that was good. Paul’s son was filming the movie star that used to be known as Doug Fitch. We visited Paul’s workshop too which is really quite a fantastic place at Barrington Court.

I’ve been working on and off on my kiln, I wish I’d just had a batch of three or four weeks solid to have been able to work on it but that just hasn’t been the way. It’s forever having to be slotted into everything else that needs doing along the way. 2011 might just be it’s year I think (if it isn’t I may well just lose the plot entirely!)

Pots, lots of pots, some I’ve been fair chuffed with and some that were, well quite frankly awful but let’s not dwell on those.
Spring Fling was a wonderful event again and swiftly followed by a trip to Germany which was an absolute blast. Wonderful time with wonderful people. Thanks to all that made it so special.

At times this year I’ve spent time with people that I’ve thought frightened me until I actually got to know them a bit better and discover that in fact it’s me being a complete nincompoop and worrying about things that are to do with my lack of confidence and not the other people at all. Once I got my head round that I’ve made loads of new friends! (Note to self for new year – don’t be so stupid!)

Meeting the Queen, what more can I say?

That was a surreal but great day, good to share it with Natalie and Jools too, it’s great when you have memories like that to enjoy together later.

June had the yucky incident too which I would very much like to have not happened but it made me realise how lucky I am. The world I live and work in is wonderful. The family, friends and other crafts people around me are generous and kind and helped me no end. It is as they say things like that that make you realise who your friends are and by god they’re good uns. Thank you all, you know who you are.

These lads in the picture are Michael and Andrew specialists in helping damsels in distress. Thanks boys.
I have sold a lot of pots this year and without those of you that buy them I wouldn’t be able to keep on doing what I love so much. Thank you everyone who has bought and enjoyed or simply admired my pots, you are all very kind.

A bundle of bloggers, good friends again and all of us at a lovely show, Potfest in the Park in August. (Christine, me, Dan, Novie, Margaret)

FLPs have become well embedded in me I think this year, expect more antics from them during 2011.
Writing this piece for the Craft&Design magazine has been an interesting process, Thanks Jon and Jo and Helen for all your help in editing the things. Much appreciated.

So here we are at the end of it all. (Oh yes Paul and me did go and paddle in the sea on monday, it wasn’t quite as cold as we had imagined it would be but we didn’t hang about to long.)
2011’s diary is filling up already. March I’m demoing at the SPA’s Kindrogan weekend, April off to the USA with Mr Fitch for a few weeks – eek! May sees Spring Fling again, June Earth and Fire, August an exhibition with Phil McMenemy (which we have an awful lot of work to do for) I think that’s the lot for now but no doubt things will crop up. I’ve orders to go straight back to work too next week and lots of plans and new things that need making too.

I hope 2011 will be peaceful and full of happiness for you all. Have a safe one and I’ll see you there no doubt.

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8 Responses to The end of one the start of another

  1. Having 'HM Queen' os a label on a blog isn't big and it isn't clever.

  2. gz says:

    That is an unkind comment-the commentee is assuming that everyone from all corners of the globe who read this esteemed blog will know who she is and what she looks like!Keep on blogging and potting Hannah, all success in 2011 and have a good Hogmanay!!

  3. Not sure what Phil's point is, whoever he is, but I absolutely adore your work, of course, and thanks for sharing all the excellent shots of your 2010!

  4. Hannah says:

    Dear GZ and Gary, don't worry it's Phil being his wonderful sarcastic self I do believe. No harm is ever meant by him.

  5. Anna says:

    What a year! Can't wait to meet you here. 🙂 Here's to a Happy NEW Year!

  6. Peter says:

    Happy New Year Hannah,It has been a delight reading your blog and seeing your lovely work. I am so pleased to see your success too. So many people like to say (down here anyway) that you can't make a living as a potter or an artist, but you are doing your best to prove them wrong! Yippeeee!It looks like you have an exciting year ahead of you! The very best to you and Paul, P & L xx

  7. Happy New Year Hannah- 2010 great2011 could only be better!

  8. ang says:

    lovely stuff H and what a year it was! I'm looking forward to the newie and what she brings :)) wow the queen meet …forgot about that one, aren't blogs great visual journals!! happy new years matie…

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