The chaos theory.

From this:

Through this:
To this:

I hope the film works, let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll fiddle with it again.
In one long day with a good bit of physical help from my dad and some good old mental cheering up from Blogger Ron who called me today to see how I was getting on and wish me luck for the weekend. Bless him,lovely chap. No commentary on the video this time I’m afraid, not quite got enough breath at the moment to concentrate on filming and witter at the same time. Other than that minor problem I’m feeling a lot lot better.
I believe that to the best of my knowledge everything is clean and tidy (ish) and pots are priced and stuff. I’ve a couple of things to do this evening including printing some pics from last weekend to help explain my future plans and the slightly different looking pots that are there on my desk.
I’ve no idea what to expect this year. In past years we have had anything up to about 700 people through the place over the three days. Whether people will think they have seen us before and will go elsewhere I don’t know. We can but wait and see. If I get a chance tomorrow I will take some pictures for you of the other studios here.
So I am planning a nice quiet evening (just looked at the clock as I wrote that to find that it is already quarter past eight!)
Finally congratulations to my very good and lovely friend Emma and her husband Mark who now how a very new baby girl who so far has no name but weighs 7lb and 10oz. That’s a pretty big jug don’t you think Doug? I’m going to give it a go though, I think it’s a great idea.
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7 Responses to The chaos theory.

  1. paul jessop says:

    The jug Idea is excellent, as for the name what about Bernadette, or are they not potters.Good luck for the weekend, I got a copy of the Spring Fling and it looks very good, I tried to give it to two sets of people that are in Scotland this week, but none of them are in your part of the world.Good Luck.

  2. ang says:

    hi hannah, all the best for the weekend, lovely big bowls at the end of your clip..

  3. Ron says:

    Good luck this weekend! The studio looks great all tidy. Those are lovely big bowls, everything else too.

  4. ajsimmons says:

    Dear HannahHope you feel brighter this morning and that you have a wonderful weekend! Workshop looks fantastic (always wondered how you displayed you work)….all looks brill.amanda x

  5. potterboy says:

    Good luck – looks great.

  6. The studio looks great. I got to see it via Ron’s blog. I visited Scotland back in 1980,as my sister lived in Aberdeen, but hadn’t discovered pottery, or your section of the country. Best of luck, hope loads of people show up and buy.

  7. Hannah says:

    Thanks all. Your best wishes are much appreciated.x

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