The all new window!

Ahh, and now I can see, my workshop now has a wonderful huge window letting in loads of light and the sunshine too. I’ve put the wheel up by it at the moment, it’s lovely. I’ve a new bird feeder to get up outside this window too. It might get too toasty in the summer to be sat there throwing but I’ll deal with that as and when it happens. Thank you joiners and H and A it’s fab!

I had a jaunt over the weekend, you know in that spare time that I have at the moment. I popped down to Devon, thanks Alex for driving the chunk from the north west down to the sunny south. I haven’t spent much time with Alex since I was his student at uni but we went merrily off to visit Doug (we were supposed to be planning our workshops for April but we got waylaid by many other pottery related things). What a few days. As always when I go down there it was great, good company and good pot talk and a good boost of inspiration and you know how a change of scene does the brain good every now and again.

A lot of the weekend seemed to revolve around food, soup done over the gas burner, a picnic on the field, plenty of tea and cake. Where would we be without all that?

The daffs are out down there, ours are progressing but it’s a shock always to see how much further into the season the southern end of our country is to where I am.

So we fired the kiln and talked pots and drank tea and watched pottery films and walked in the fields and looked at pictures of pots and played skittles and made pots and all in all had a lovely time, thanks boys.
So back home to Paul who will have been relieved to have had a few days without me wittering about pots, and the new window in the workshop and the big list of things to do but with a clearer head and a more focused plan and the sunshine and spring. Can it be better?

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10 Responses to The all new window!

  1. Anna says:

    Yahoo for windows! Sunshine! Tea! and POTS! 🙂 Glad you had a good holiday. My studio too is done, kiln cooling from its test fire…I'll have pots drying before too much longer!

  2. ang says:

    sounds like a great time H good for the soul me thinks…and what a super window that'll liven up the studio :))

  3. that is some window and great time- Love the outside picture- a table makes for a great picnic!

  4. Susan says:

    Oh great to see Alex. I'm an ex student too.Has he retired now? It was the last rumour that I heard that he was.So glad that he heard I was starting up after nearly 5 years since the end of uni. His advice will be greatly missed.Also I dare not break either of his teapots as I have no idea how to get him to make me any more.Susan

  5. OK, enough fun and games. Get back to planning that workshop!

  6. gz says:

    An inspiration break is always good

  7. Paul Jessop says:

    You tell em Hollis !!!

  8. ajsimmons says:

    Very civilised…tea parties on the lawn! Looked a great trip Hannah and how lovely to come back to all that light, bet you don't miss the rattling A x

  9. love the picnic on the sawhorses–too cute!! looks like a lovely time…

  10. Ron says:

    Love the new window and glad you had a great time down in Devon.

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