Thank you.

Thank you. To all of you for your comments over the last few days, I am very grateful, they are helping me a lot. I tend to not usually let on when I’m not feeling good, I didn’t think that this was the right place to say anything. I was really despairing though, hence I showed off the not quite a chink but the great gash in my armour. It’s something I usually feel I have to hide and try to cover up. Ron prescribed getting Paul to make me a lovely meal and pampering me. The results you can see above, I think our kitchen table there is holding everything required for such an event don’t you think?

Two extra thank yous are to the two lovely people who sent things to me that arrived on saturday, one from Vickie, a friend of Ron’s out in North Carolina who sent me some beautiful Art Nouveau patterns which I do love and will take with me to work tomorrow (they were sent to the workshop but if I’m not there the postman brings them on down to the house). The second was I am sure high on Doug’s mrs’ list of favourite films, maybe comming second favourite after Isaac Button of course, thank you very much Tim. It was a great surprise. I haven’t watched it yet but be assured that I will do soon. Very kind people.

It’s odd but good when I realise that it’s not just me talking to myself when I write this blog. Hopefully I’m on the up again now. Fingers crossed and all that.

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10 Responses to Thank you.

  1. Ron says:

    I hope Paul didn’t cook some tough ol’ piece of meat that had to be cut with the chainsaw! (I’m sure he made you a lovely dinner and it was delicious. Good man!)

  2. Looks like it was a good meal, Hannah. And there’s nothing like a Stihl chainsaw to deal with those tough Portuguese wine corks.

  3. so that over there is, um, a chainsaw on the table?

  4. Hannah says:

    where else would one store their new toy but on the kitchen table? maybe once it’s been used it might need a place for dirty tools but for now its happy there. Helps me keep Paul in his place too.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Glad you are feeling better Hannah, there's nothing like a Stihl Chainsaw and a Paul Young candlestick to dress a table….. They'll be doing it in all the best restaurants when they see this!Dave & Sue

  6. ang says:

    the best centre piece yet..

  7. Chris C. says:

    Hannah — Hello there. Did you make those plates? They are absolutely wonderful!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Extract from Nigella express. Of the next thing is to take a chainsaw to the underdone beef…..That way you will save time and probably have a bit of fun in the process………………….

  9. Hannah says:

    Hi all,thanks again.Chris yes they are my plates.Dave and Sue maybe next time you come for dinner you too can sit and oggle my lovely chainsaw, if you’re lucky.

  10. MoKa says:

    Glad you’re feeling better, Hannah. I don’t post much but I read your blog regularly and was sorry so see you so down in the dumps.You’re lucky to have so many good friends (real and blog friends).I think I have Chainsaw envy!

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