Thank you to the blogger boys.

What a fabulously beautiful day again, I just love these cold crisp days, so sunny and bright. It was a lovely ride down the road to work (well apart from my little disagreement with a frozen muddy tractor tyre rut as I was getting out of the way of the milk tanker I meet every day. Oops!)

I’ve just recieved an email with this from Doug and Matt for my pottery birthday. They slightly outdid my offering the other week. Maybe they should have exhibited at Potfest last year with it, the theme for the competition then was “A Birthday Cake For…”

PS sorry about the silhouette picture if you think it’s naff, I was just enjoying the sun.

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6 Responses to Thank you to the blogger boys.

  1. chaetoons says:

    Cool cake !!! And what a GREAT idea !!!Thanks for sharing this; you’ll have started a new “custom” over here in the States!HugsChae

  2. paul jessop says:

    Nice to see that all that time spent at the WI by Doug & Matt has finally paid off.Recipe please boys.Fantastic pots Hannah.

  3. Ron says:

    Just wait Hannah, when Doug and Matt get together all sorts of things can happen. Last time there was even a video on Youtube. Cool cake for sure, candles too!

  4. doug fitch says:

    It’s that Matt, he’s such a bad influence. Did you ever see Ron Philbeck the Movie? Here it is again in case you missed it

  5. Hannah says:

    Complete insanity. I believe that is caused by the galena.

  6. Hannah says:

    I like the film, very classy production. must be good to have other folk to work with sometimes.

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