Ten Pots with Ten Prints and Ten Books for Ten Years

Limited edition etching ‘Small Mugs’ by Hannah McAndrew. One of these and a limited edition commemorative book of photographs to accompany each of the following pots.

The pots in the images to follow are from my latest wood firing. This exhibit of my ten favourite pieces is to commemorate the end of the year in which I celebrated the tenth anniversary of my pottery business. Each of these is for sale and comes with an etching and a small commemorative book. The prices stated are inclusive of delivery within the UK. For delivery outside of the UK please express your interest and ask for a quote. The pots are available on a first come first served basis so please email me or fill in the contact form on the website here if you would like to purchase one. One. Slip Trail, Feathered and Sprigged Wood Fired Mug.

This little mug was probably my favourite piece to come out of the last firing. Influenced very much by Staffordshire wares, I was frustrated by the way it looked to me when I had decorated it but was thrilled when I unpacked it from the kiln. It is really rich and warm and features my ten year sprig. 10cm high.

£65.00 – Sold

Two. Slip Trail and Sprigged Wood Fired Mug.

Again a strong Staffordshire influence in this little pale honey mug with rows of the ten year sprig separated by pearled lines. 10cm high.

£65 – Sold. Three. Slip Trail Wood Fired Footed Bowl.

A new form for me for this year with the addition of tripod feet. I have long been a fan of pots on feet, I feel it makes them even more human, how can they not be characters all of their own when they stand ready to run like that? 23cm diameter, 11cm high.

£175 – Sold Four. Slip Trail and Finger Wiped Wood Fired Mug.

I try to make a batch of mugs for every wood firing, they are one of the most intimate objects that we potters make and I take great pleasure from creating them. This one has two layers of slip, some finger wiping and some slip trailing for good measure. 10cm high.

£65 – Sold Five. Slip Trail and Finger Wipe Wood Fired Costrel.

This piece was high up in the kiln and close to the point where the flames first enter the chamber hence the naked clay at the base of the pot has become beautifully toasted, on the bottom are three bright flashes of orange where the wadding was positioned. Finger wipe decoration through a white slip and trails of feathers across the body, finished with a leather cord and a cork stopper. 20cm high.

£175 – Sold Six. Slip Trail and Finger Wipe Face Plate.

Plates are a regular part of my making, the surface offered for decoration is irresistible to me. On this piece I used the marks made in the slip by using my finger as a tool to create a rather Paul Klee inspired face. It is finished with additions of white slip trailing to accentuate the bands. 30cm diameter.

£160 – Sold Seven. Small Slip Trail and Feathered Wood Fired Tyg.

Tygs are one of those pots that are synonymous with the slipware of the period that I take reference from, last year I made one or two highly decorated large tygs. This three handled one is a smaller slightly triangular piece. The stylised tulip flower head is filled with feathered slip. 11cm diameter.

£95 – Sold Eight. Slip Trail and Feathered Wood Fired Leaf Mug.

The fourth of the mugs in this series of celebratory pots, this fat bellied little fellow has three bands of pattern surrounding the handle and a motif of leaves filled in with feathered slip. 10cm high.

£65 – Sold Nine. Slip Trail Six Handled Wood Fired Tyg.

A large tyg with a myriad of handles and a wealth of decoration. Slipped black inside and honey outside and it took a really good touch of flame in the kiln and I think looks lovely as a result. The text around the outside reads ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching, Live Like Its Heaven On Earth’. 28cm diameter.

£360 – SoldTen. Slip Trail, Finger Wipe and Paper Resist Wide Rimmed Dish. This is a wide rimmed dish which has a paper resist pattern applied around the rim. The underside of the dish has an area of nicely toasted naked clay. There is a little crazing to the glaze on this piece but I don’t feel that it detracts from it’s attractiveness. 30cm diameter at the widest point, inner 16cm diameter, 7cm high.

£170 – Sold


So, if any of these take your fancy and you would like to buy one, please send me an email or contact me through the form on the website and I will get back to you. I hope you enjoy the pieces as I have really enjoyed making them. Here’s to another few decades of potting.

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5 Responses to Ten Pots with Ten Prints and Ten Books for Ten Years

  1. Connie Bresnahan says:

    I am interested in the slip trail, finger wipe and paper resist wide rimmed dish, number 10!
    I have a few of your pieces after trips to Portling but missed your open day last year because I was at the rugby …..

  2. sara says:

    Hi, your pottery is gorgeous. I was a little bit disappointed by the video.

  3. mimi champlin says:

    Hello! Would you mail to the US? So love both plates


  4. Rob says:

    I loved the video of your book (great images) and the music too. Congratulations on your productive decade..

  5. Mimi Champlin says:

    Hannah, I am certain that you told me the Slip Trail, Finger Wipe and Paper Resist Wide Rimmed Dish was sold, but I don’t see it marked as such. If for any reason that sale fell through, please let me know and consider it sold!

    Thanks so much


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