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Ceramic Art York

Ladies and gentlemen, it is this weekend, the first Ceramic Art York, presented by the Craft Potters Association of Great Britain and York Museums Trust, it is an exciting new showcase of contemporary ceramic art. The selection panel have chosen … Continue reading

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New Pots and Festivals

So the end of one cycle of pots finishes and yet the next is already underway. It’s been a very busy time, do I always say that? Anyway it has been very busy, we unpacked the kiln and had in … Continue reading

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A Flurry of Films

The last week has been a crazy busy one. They all seem to be that way at the moment. It’s great, we are getting an awful lot of work together and this week decided to do two wood firings back … Continue reading

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Videos and New Pots

  Here we have some more tasty little numbers out of the firing for you. This dish is a bit of a favourite now, it has grown on me since the firing. It has a honey counterpart too. I think … Continue reading

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To Celebrate

Well I would like to offer a huge thank you to those of you who turned out in the wild wintery weather that we are having to support my celebratory online show on Monday evening. It opened at 6pm and … Continue reading

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Ooooh New Pots Part Two

Oooh men, there were a couple or four in the firing last week, all bravely and boldly standing guard at the flue where the first wisps of smoke got up their noses and then a bit of pleasant warmth  made … Continue reading

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A Posy of New Pottery

I took the wicket on the kiln down this morning and it was all pretty dreadful. Every single pot in there was under-fired and horrible and I was rather fed up. Weirdly though after I had faffed about a bit … Continue reading

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