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The Ups and Downs of Pottery

Ah the joys of the world of pottery. The ups and downs. The highs and lows. The ‘oh my goodness this is the best thing in the world’ s. The ‘I hate this all why do I bother’ s. This … Continue reading

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Sunny Southern Slip Time

Here in the south west of England Spring has well and truly sprung. It was quite surprising traveling south last weekend and seeing how stark the difference is over those 400 miles. Up in Galloway the leaves on the Hawthorne … Continue reading

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The Slip is Out

I have some more of these large fat tiles, they have been under plastic for a while and I finally got myself together to get them decorated. So, brushes, slip, paper, slip, scissor, slip, trailers and slip were all gathered … Continue reading

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Throwing Pots But Not As They Should Be.

Flipping heck! That’s what I was saying this afternoon after I wobbled when trying to lift a rack of hard fought for jugs onto the shelf and they all wobbled too and one by one toppled splat splat splat onto … Continue reading

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