Sweet lovely pot

How beautiful is this little pot? We saw lots and lots of these while we were in Holland, and I just fell in love with them. It’s more oblong than square though we saw lots of more squared ones. Lovely lead glaze, and such a gorgeous handle, just squeezed in at the top. This was the only one I found that I could afford, otherwise I’d have brought a dozen of them home. It’s one of those pots that makes my mouth water it’s so lovely. It’s such a pleasing shape, that ridge around it, ooh it is just yummy.

Made the Christmas cake this afternoon, looks like nothing worth anything like that doesn’t it, but after the day I’d had I though baking was possibly the safest option. I went out this morning off to Remembrance parade with my Scouts but in the rush of getting ready I snapped a button on my shirt into three or fur bits, and couldn’t find a safety pin so had to sew on a new button, then somehow I managed to break a tooth, then after the service this morning I gave a lady a lift back and she slammed my car door really hard and it made an odd noise. It wasn’t till I got home thankfully that the window fell off it’s bit that it should sit on and disappeared in between the door outer and the cladding on the inside. Thank goodness for Paul! It’s not quite fixed but at least it’s closed which is a good thing after the hail storms we’ve been having today. Then to top it all off I just dropped a Chris Keenan mug.

Yesterday had some glorious sunshine though.

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4 Responses to Sweet lovely pot

  1. jbf says:

    That is a sweet little pot. Ouch! I hope tomorrow is a better day.

  2. That pot looks like the marzipan on the cake – delicious, ( only I don’t actually like marzipan, but I doo love the pot). Hope tomorrow is better.

  3. Ron says:

    Whew, rough day. Sweet pot.Glad the card made it.

  4. barbjensen says:

    What a darling little pot! Thanks for sharing.It does sound like you had a trying day, but you wrote about it in such a comical manner that I just had to smile. 🙂

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