Surprisings and Sortings

Slip Trail and paper resist and finger wipe mermaid hanging. Approx. 85cm long. £195

Potfest has been and gone and done. The weather this year was wonderful for the show, warm but not too hot, a bit of rain but not enough to water log the field or put people off visiting. The competition on the lawn was ‘From the Sea’. I made two pieces in my ever convinced thinking that if I only did one it would break and then I’d be left with nothing to take part with. Surprise! They both came out well and I had to make a decision. I chose to exhibit the mermaid charger which I was very happy and surprised to sell. The piece above was my second piece on the ‘From The Sea’ theme and is now hung in the workshop awaiting a handsome sailor who will wish to whisk her away.

Slip Trail and Finger Wipe Framed Tile. 25 x 25cm.

On the Saturday afternoon at Potfest I was chatting away to people and glanced down the aisle thinking oh that girl looks just like my sister, hang on a minute, it is my sister! I had a lovely surprise visit from Sarah and Stuart and of course Gregor. I know of course that Gregor had been persuading them that he wanted to come to visit Potfest to surprise his Auntie Hannah. He sort of took my attention away from talking to people about my work. I did think I might pop him in a big dish in the middle of my stand and then he would attract lots of attention to the stand.

Also while I was there I had a visit from Alex McErlain which was great. He hadn’t visited the show before so I think he enjoyed doing that. It’s a lovely venue and the mix of work is wonderful.

Slip Trail Wood Fired Large Pancheon £96 including P&P from Madebyhandonline

Since being back home I received the pleasant surprise of a visit by German potter Sigi Boehmer who had been exhibiting at Potfest in the Park along with me and who was also taking part in Potfest in the Pens which was this weekend just gone. Sigi and his wife live in Hohr Grenzhausen which is the pottery town that I exhibited in a couple of summers ago.


I spent all of last week procrastinating, well I was working but I couldn’t quite get my head into the working with clay feeling. Instead I did lots of those jobs that do need doing but never seem to be essential but which you know that when they are done they will make the rest of the work just a little bit easier. So I broke up lots of pallets so that I have even more wood for the kiln, I sorted out pots for the online shop and took photos and got them on there, then I decanted all my raw materials from paper bags that were gradually disintegrating and losing their labels into plastic buckets of handle able weight and labeled them all and stacked them neatly so I can easily see what I have. I sieved all my slips, I tidied the pots in the workshop, I smashed up a lot of dodgy bits and pieces that were hanging around annoying me, I swept out the barn, checked all my kiln props and shelves, wrote some letters.

Oh and I do feel so much better for it all. So much so that this morning I got the clay bags opening, kneaded up some lovely soft stuff and started throwing. Two dozen little pancheons later I feel a lot more sorted. So come on pots, lets be making you.

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7 Responses to Surprisings and Sortings

  1. Dennis Allen says:

    There’s something very liberating about smashing all the pots that don’t make the grade and moving on.

  2. Anna says:

    Nothing beats a neat and tidy studio for getting that clay love started up again! I too need to transfer my glaze materials to buckets from their (disintegrating) bags… Maybe next week.

  3. Come on over and do the same thing to my studio, Hannah.

  4. Lori Buff says:

    It’s such a freeing feeling to get those nagging items off your to-do list so you can create. I’m sure you feel lighter.

  5. Paul Jessop says:

    It always feels better for sorting stuff out, I like the bucket idea, might steal that one.

  6. Paul Jessop says:

    The Idea not the buckets!

  7. Naveed says:

    My cousin who is more my seitsr is due in November after trying to get pregnant for years. I would love to give her something really beautiful and this blanket would be perfect. I would love the yellow edging. Thank you!

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