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Been a funny old day, very unsettled weather, a bit wild, very windy too, makes me a bit jittery and unsettled myself when it’s like that. Made for some great skies though.

Yesterday was my first proper day making in I don’t like to think how long. I was half way through a board of 12oz jugs when I had a knock at the door and met a German gentleman by the name of Dieter who is a film maker. He told me he is making a film about traditional craftspeople who live as he put it, on the edges of Europe, and he was recommended to visit me by a basket maker friend of mine, Geoff. Could he do some filming now? Well slightly taken aback, I know it’s hard to believe but it isn’t every day that I get film makers turning up on my doorstep. Just carry on doing what you’re doing he said and he’d work around me. So I did and I made another board of jugs and some mugs and slipped some waiting tiles and generally carried on and wittered away as I usually would. We spent a pleasant few hours, had lunch in the sunshine and then he was off on his way. Heaven only knows where that film might end up!

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4 Responses to Surprise visitor

  1. gz says:

    It will be interesting to see the whole film- hope you've got his details!

  2. Anna says:

    Wow! See, all that demonstrating for the crowds during your American tour prepared you for film. 🙂 AND you didn't even have to SPEAK. Hope you hear more about what happens….

  3. Peter says:

    If you see your German gentleman again, you could tell him about Dunedin, NZ, that is also on the edge of Europe!!! What fun! I am so glad that the world is beating a path to your door. I also enjoyed your previous post about the iron man and the Hatfield, Art in Clay. Fancy being across from Lisa Hammond, I love her work (and yours is rather splendid too!). Anyway, congrats on being a wonderful potter and a film star all at the same time! (Oh, I meant to add, I've put a little post about snow on my site, thought you might enjoy it), P x

  4. all in a day Hannah- all in a day.I always get visitors when I forgo a real wash….. love those tiles. I still want to eat your work!

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