Sunny sunny day.

A really beautiful day today, lovely to be able to enjoy it. Thanks John for these photos of my Harvest jugs that arrived today in the post, they are good pictures.

Look at that blue sky peeping through the trees.

More conkers (horse chestnuts) I’ve never found a case that had three fully grown conkers inside it before, magic! I love that shine when they are freshly opened, delicious.

Doug has an exhibition opening this weekend “Paint, Mud and Wood”, if you are down in deepest Devon, do go and see it. There will be some new tableware on show from Doug and I’d love to see the furniture.
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2 Responses to Sunny sunny day.

  1. Ron says:

    Very good pitchers indeed.

  2. Hi Hannah,My wife and I are redware-slipware potters who work in the American tradition. It is such a treat to have come across your blog and the links to your chums. That is some fun work that you all are making. This is just a quick “hello” as I need to get throwing to make some wage today. Best to all of you,Keep happyRick

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