Sunny Southern Slip Time

Here in the south west of England Spring has well and truly sprung. It was quite surprising traveling south last weekend and seeing how stark the difference is over those 400 miles. Up in Galloway the leaves on the Hawthorne were just in bud but not yet breaking open. Here the hedge rows and brilliant green, the Horse Chestnuts are covered in sticky buds that will explode in the next day or so and the large Oak across the valley is daily becoming more resplendent in his summer time outfit.

Somehow being here, away from my ‘normal’ routine and my usual way of working, I find it easier to experiment and to try new things. It feels like it’s sort of bonus time, somehow different to working in my own workshop. At home I try new things too but it seems less often than I do when I am working here.

The surrounding countryside here is pretty spectacular, especially in the sunshine. I have been getting out and about on my bike a little but the riding here is very different to that which I am used to. It is hilly hilly hilly. We have plenty hills in Galloway but the steepness of these is pretty insane. It has to be good for me though hasn’t it?

Lots of paper resists going on this week. All inspired by the walking through the fields here and the cycling along the lanes.

The Devon showroom is looking rather smart if I do say so myself. A great mix of Doug’s and my pots, and some collaborations too.The paper cut and trailed pieces are still very much works in progress, they feel like they are getting somewhere though, I’m not sure where ‘there’ is but I think they are heading in that general direction.

Finally a proud sunshiny cockerel dish, fresh from the kiln making friends with a Marigold.

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