Sunny Saturday

A good friend of mine, Linda Woodfield opened her new workshop studio today in Newton Stewart. We popped in to see her and wish her well with her new venture. It’s a great place that she’s found, an old butchers shop on the main street in the town which her and her son and husband have spent the last few months sorting and repairing and making it smart.

Linda is a textile artist and we have done quite a few exhibitions together over the last four or five years. I have quite a collection of her work here and I think she has more of my pots than anyone else I know.

We had a quick ride too today, it’s been a beautiful day, sunny and blue skied but rather chilly when you were in the shade and a nippy bitey wind too. It did mean that there were loads of frozen puddles along the flat bit of the ride which needed breaking which is great as I love the noise.

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  1. Linda Starr says:

    Great pieced leave, is that velvet, I love quilts and fabrics, what a great shop.

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