Sunny monday & SPA

Sunny sunny monday so I played truant this morning and went for a bike ride, how could I not take advantage of this fabulous weather that we are having. October and it’s warm and bright and lovely, soak it up while I can that’s my plan. Having said that, having the morning off didn’t make me be any less panicky once I did get to work and realised just how much I have to do before next tuesday night. I leave for Manchester on wednesday and I’m so much less prepared than I should be. It’s not just the show that I’m stressed about but also the fact that by the time I come back it’s nearly the end of October and I have one hell of a lot of pots that I have promised delivery of by the end of October.
I make a bundle of little jugs on friday, this was one of them, I’ve made these straight sided jugs before but never kept any as I wasn’t happy with them. Lots of people make them and make them well but they aren’t really in my repertoire yet. They are harder than they look really.

Lasagne dishes are out and ready along with their tiny wee pancheon pals. They’ll be off over the next day or so to their new home. When I find out the name of the restaurant they’re going to I’ll let you know then you can go there and test the dishes.
Speaking of dishes, I made an apple and blackberry pie yesterday, it was a very big pie, we just finished it. It was very tasty but the apple flapjack is also going down well, especially as post cycling treats.
Currently on in the JustArt gallery in Fochabers up in the Highlands of Scotland is the Scottish Potters Association’s exhibition “Everyware” which has been wonderfully put together by Stewart Harris who runs the gallery. I’ve had work in the gallery at various points for years and he has always sold really well for me so it’s good to have pots there again.
Also at the exhibition is the chance to vote for the first Alan Gaff Award. This has been started by the SPA as a memorial to our lovely pottery friend Alan who you may remember was sadly killed just over two years ago. People can vote for the pot that they think is the best from the exhibition. All the pots are available to view online at the gallery as well as to those people who are in the vicinity and can call in.

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  1. Zoe says:

    I'm very fond of that shape of jug Hannah. It is the kind of jug you could use all the time for flowers, milk, gravy. Anything really. A friend for your kitchen. Lovely.

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