Sunny Jolly Day.

Well what a jolly weather day, it was lovely, sun in the sky, birds singing, the little wren showing his lady friend around the spacious and very attractive nest he’s been building in the barn at work. I hope she likes this one. Cows in the field mooing away, oh and a very big bull in the field too, no wonder they were so loud. Lots of pots hanging around in the workshop at the moment, I put handles on half a dozen or so jars and unpacked a bisque firing and got it all back in for the glaze. In fact I’ve just been back down to the workshop to turn the kiln down. I spent a bit of time too just looking at an oval dish that I made the other day. It is still oval but maybe not as neat and slick looking as I had hoped. More practise at them, that’s what I need.

I got a jolly phone call from Doug too who tells me it was pouring with rain in Devon.Good to speak to him, we were both saying that we are oddly unstressed about the upcoming ClayArt show, I go down to Wales for that two weeks today. I’m looking forward to it much more than I was last year. Probably for a number of reasons, I’ve been before so I have more of an idea of what to expect, I know where to go, I know folk that’ll be there and I am feeling much happier with my work in general, I think it feels a lot better than it did last year. It suddenly feels to me like it’s taken a jump forward (hope that doesn’t sound cocky, I don’t mean it to, maybe I’m just more comfortable with what I am doing.) I just wish I had a bit more work in the workshop waiting to be shown.

I finished off the day by going for a massage, very decadent I know but I so needed it. I’d twisted my knee last week and it didn’t seem to be getting better so I thought I’d go to see if my friend Blair could fix it. When I walked through the door he told me he could see there was a problem with my right knee but that it probably stemmed from my ankle being injured and that my left shoulder was obviously sore too. There was me thinking I was pretty well all in all, and he tells me I’m falling apart. Anyway after an hour of pummeling and rejigging I feel oh so much better though somewhat like a rag doll with tired muscles. I’ve got some exercises to do to get my ankle back as it should be so hopefully that’ll sort me out for a while. I don’t go very often but oh it is good when I do.

Seeing as I still can’t get my new pictures up onto this computer (come home soon Paul, I miss you and not just because I can’t use this computer very well) this picture is from Whichford Pottery and is one of Jim and his wife’s collaborations, big oll platter.
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  1. Ron says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling well Hannah and also good that you’re looking forward to Clayart Wales, I think if we go into these things with somewhat of a positive attitude and positive image of our work that it will show and hopefully folks will pick up on it and buy the pots.Anyhow, looking forward to some pics. Ron

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