Sunny day bright flowers

Phil and Louise and the boys brought me these flowers the other day when they visited. They’ve been beautiful today.

It’s been a very busy day. Trying to get lots of things to a point where they will keep over the weekend though I think I will probably go into work on sunday at some point. Threw a whole lot of oval dishes, turned and slipped the outsides of some of those big bowls from the other day. Unpacked a bisque, glazed it all and repacked and got the kiln on. I only just had enough glaze which is frustrating so though I’d get some soaking straight away but didn’t have enough dry clay to weigh out for it. Grrrr, even more frustrating. So clay is drying out now so that I can hopefully mix it early next week.

Hazel’s lilies, beautiful aren’t they. She has a way with plants that I do not have at all. The first thing being that she remembers to water them while I often forget, if I could do that I think my fingers would seem distinctly more green.
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3 Responses to Sunny day bright flowers

  1. Anna says:

    I have a couple small house plants in my tiny (windowless) studio at LibertyTown. One by one they are falling by the wayside…except one peace lily that droops while heaving its last breath to remind me to water it! Then miraclulously it comes back to life. I wonder how many lives a plant has???

  2. paul jessop says:

    what do you mean you might go in on sunday. I'm in every sunday.Might Indeed !!!

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