Sun sun sun and no kitchen sinks.

Lots of decorating for me this morning, little birdies and zigzag patterns on the mugs and jugs, they are drying out fast, I’m really not used to this weather, it’s been ages since I have had to wrap pots up in between handling and decorating them.

I unpacked my bisque, and I’m hoping that the cones will help me for the glaze firing that I will put on tomorrow, it’s going to be VERY lose and I think I will use the same programme but alter the energy regulator things more towards the end, I think I need to d one thing at a time else I won’t know what is affecting what.
The big jug will hopefully be decorated tomorrow, I’m hoping to take it along to ClayArt next week to put in the pretty little bottle kiln there that Paul Young is firing. Doug and Matt are taking along pots to joining in too. That kiln is being fired to 1100 degrees so it’ll need a wholly different glaze to mine, I need to find out Paul’s recipe for that I think.

The little dish is a test for a plate that I have been asked to make, it is using some mud from the Solway Firth just a couple of miles from here, on the bowl it is used on its own, mixed 50/50 with my white slip and then painted and sprinkled on top of white slip. It’ll be interesting to see what it looks like under a glaze and if there is any colour still showing.
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