Summer Time And Getting Ready For Winter

Where does the time go? One minute I am all packed up for a rather chilly, damp, mud spattered Potfest in the Park, the next I am home after a weeks holiday and a week back in the workshop and wondering where the best part of a month has gone. Potfest in the Park was the last weekend in July and I, for once, was ready in plenty of time, all pots priced, packed, the van packed and ready to go. Why does it not help calm me though? Why do I still get in such a tizz that I feel physically ill? I don’t get it. I had pots I was really happy with, a stand that I didn’t entirely hate and was next to nice people on all sides, I don’t get it.

Anyway the show was ok for me, the weather was as I say not entirely summery but you know, it’s Britain and we all know that means it can be absolutely anything it wants to be so maybe people were put off by that as it was quieter than usual. All things considered though I did ok, though when I got home again and sorted the sales out properly it was even better than I thought as I found a sale for £400 that I had forgotten about. Magic! I had lots of returning customers again, it’s so lovely when people enjoy what you do so much that they want some more of it.
We did something really crazy after Potfest, we went on holiday! I know, it’s madness isn’t it, who would have thought it? A week off, a whole week off, together! We went to Allonby, just across the Solway from where we are here. The same place I was at the other week with Paul Young and Doug Fitch when we went to the Castlegate House Gallery opening (pots all now listed on the website, be sure to have a drool). We had a great time, walking on the beach, cycling in the lanes (gently for me, very gently with my knee caps that so I have now been told sit too high up and not actually in that dent that your knee caps are meant to sit in meaning that they are likely to want to dislocate quite easily – is it any wonder I almost passed out in the surgery on Friday when my Doctor was telling me all this and describing how to put them back when they do go out?), paddling in the sea, eating ice cream, watching the Olympics, eating white chocolate mice.

Paul took himself off out mountain biking one day while I went to visit a lady who is commissioning some owl plates from me, I am looking forward to doing that commission, it’s going to make me chuckle and thankfully she seems to share my sense of humour.

We wandered around Keswick one afternoon on holiday and I was stunned and disturbed by the number of shops having huge sales, I don’t really ever spend any time in a town so I don’t see what’s happening on the high street other than the doom and gloom I hear in the news. The reductions on stock were huge and I found it rather frightening if that’s how worried the big high street players are in Britain at the moment. Made me even more pleased that I had sold as much as I had at Potfest and the other shows this year if that’s how it is out in the ‘real world’.

So home we came after calling in to visit the Potfest in the Pens show on the way back. It was fab seeing it all from the visitor side, really enjoyed it, seeing lots of old friends and spying lots of lovely pots. I really needed that break and two weeks would have been wonderful but it wasn’t to be this time. Maybe next time, or maybe just more holiday would do the trick.

I came home to more sunshine and a bit of swimming in the sea oh lovely lovely thing to do, and thought I’d better get my wood in order for the winter so I got some stacked and ready, need to get some more yet but at least I’m sort of ready.

Now it’s time to knuckle down again. I’m making now all being well for another wood firing in the first half of September before I go to the Wardlow Mires Pottery and Food Festival and to Ceramics in the City at The Geffrye Museum in London so get those in your diary now.

The video is very wobbly so my apologies and it’s rather short but you get the idea, these pieces are all part of the competition on the lawn in front of the house at Hutton in the Forest in Cumbria where Potfest in the Park is held. You can see my piece which I haven’t got proper photos of as it was kind of long, mine is the series of 20 discs that have the Robert Frost poem The Road Not Taken on them. I didn’t sell it but then I didn’t have a label on it either. Oops.

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  1. Yikes! Dislocated kneecaps???!?!?! I dumped my bicycle a few years ago and dislocated the pinky finger on my left hand. Very weird to snap it back into place. Hard to imagine doing that with a knee. Hey, you can’t worry about the macro economy. All you can do is make good pots and try to sell them. And then go on holiday to a cool place.

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