Summer in March!

How on earth did we get from “throw it – la la la – geological ages pass – still the pots are nigh on as wet as the day they were thrown” to “throw it – blink – ahhh it needs slipping” ?

Crazy hot weather for March here and again I’ve been moving bricks and wood for a few hours this morning, there’s a wedding happening in the garden of the house where my workshop is and I have become very aware of needing to tidy away bricks and pallets to make the place look a bit smarter before that happens. All jobs I’ve been meaning to do for a while and this is a great incentive to get it done. It’s one of those things though where you can’t just move the unsightly stack of bricks as they are going into the barn but there’s a stack of pallets in the barn where the bricks need to go so I need to move the pallets first and I’m not moving the pallets and without splitting them as then they’d need moving again later on so I need to break them up first. Etc etc.

This time last year I was putting together a we film of my life here to take to America to illustrate where I am and what I do, I filmed my Cubs at their Easter egg hunt and some of their decorated egg pieces – can that really be twelve months ago? Tonight was our last meeting before Easter and this one this year just made me laugh. This was done by a pair of my Cubs, and teh two eggs are myself and Heather my other leader, the dots with smiley faces are all our Cubs and the two pink parts at teh front with halos are angels to represent the two girls who made it. Honestly! Just brilliant. Along with that we had a light up Egg-straterrestrial, a play park with egg people, a ski run for eggs, an egg on a trip through the countryside in a car, a chicken in a nest and much more besides. Fantastic imaginations they have.

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4 Responses to Summer in March!

  1. gz says:

    It is a relief to throw something one day and have it ready to fire by the end of the second day!

  2. LindaB says:

    I don't like having to get everything turned so quickly before it all dries out -yesterday I made thirty plates and had to rush to turn them all this morning before the studio heated up (they were covered in plastic overnight too)

  3. love that brushed slip H…waiting on glaze results to see if mine is thick enough :)) unbelievable 12 months has flown hey!!

  4. Joe Troncale says:

    All very lovely.Just watched you decorate pots on Youtube in Falmouth, MA. Really fun watching you work!

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