Stuff and nonesense.

Here’s the two teapots that I put together on friday, I haven’t decorated them yet though, still making my mind up about them. I was thinking I should make them with a bit smaller bodies, maybe these are too big, they’d hold a fair bit of tea. The handle on the front of the top one is the same as the one on the lid, it means that it’s not completely central if that makes sense. What I do like about them however is the handle pulled off the pot rather than stuck on as they always have been in the past.

What a weekend of differences! On saturday Paul and me went out to Kirroughtree forest for a walk, in full waterproof gear, trousers, jacket, waterproof boots, woolly hats! It was belting down with rain all day, almost none stop, so much so that we came home to a slightly flooded kitchen. Sunday was like what summer should have been like, just a month or so late.

These pictures aren’t in the order that I had planned so the story will go a bit backwards now. The sunset is from the back of the house here, we went down to Kirkcudbright on sunday evening for the best fish and chips I have had in ages. It’s a wee place down near the harbour, they do take away or you can eat in and if you eat in you can take your own wine or beer with you. Anyone that comes to stay with us will now be taken there while they are with us. It’s a cracker.

So in the afternoon on sunday after having a bit of a trauma over what to do with such a lovely and unexpectedly warm and sunny day I took myself off for a ride. I planned to go down to work and do a bit but when I got there there was no-one else in and I just didn’t fancy being inside on my own really so I just carried on cycling for a while, had a good run out, it was a fabulous day. This picture with the sign post in was taken about 200 yards from the house here, we really can see for miles from here.

Explored a new road on the way to the chip shop and this is what we saw.

Before all that though I made a Victoria Sponge cake and by goodness it’s a tasty beast, our next visitors might get one of these for dinner too just so I can have an excuse to make another. Needless to say there’s not a great deal of that cake left, I’ll have to get back on the bike to get rid of the effects of all these fish and chips and cake. More sit ups for Hannah’s.

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  1. potterboy says:

    Considering I’m currently dieting and, therefore, permanently hungry I consider it (i) very mean of you to put up that picture of the victoria sponge (what kind of jam did you use?), and (ii) not make said picture big enough for me to use as my desktop image (probably just as well really :)Teapots look fab – I like tea pots – looking forward to seeing them decorated.

  2. Becky says:

    Oh my. You had me with the teapots. And then you posted those beautiful pix of the view from your place. To top it of you served up that Victoria Sponge Cake. If I had the funds, I’d book a flight to Scotland tonight!

  3. Becky says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Becky says:

    So sorry. I posted my comment twice. Must have been a sugar high from that cake.

  5. ajsimmons says:

    How much cream is in that cake!!(or should I say theres a nice bit of cake with that cream!!!)….lovely. Do love the handles on the teapot and as you know you can never have enough tea!…bit of cake with it would be nice….A x

  6. Big Al says:

    OMG! What a great tea pot! I like the size. Can’t wait to see it finished.Awesome pictures! I envy you, living in the country. All I see from my yard are houses and streets.Seriously, I need the recipe for the Victoria Sponge Cake and the icing/cream/whatever in between! I’d love to make a Hannah cake her in the states.Great posting! I’m ready for a visit!

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