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I was a tad early on wednesday evening as I was heading over to New Galloway to Cubs and as is my want on such occasions I stopped off in a lay by on the edge of Loch Ken, I think I’ve given you this view before but it’s always a cracker. I got loads of acorns there to add to this years stash too. (I love collecting “nuts and berries” as Paul calls them and planting them up.) We had a mini Olympic games event at Cubs this week out in the park. It’s the first dry night for them since we started back after the holidays, so sack races, tube rolling and sledge pulling, oh we had a laugh! I did take some pictures but it was getting kind of dark so they’re not too great.

How could I not come away from Ceramics in the City with a pot. It’s a sweet lovely little Yo Thom teapot which I must have picked up and fondled about three dozen times over the weekend before I finally bought it. I had fallen asleep on the saturday night thinking about how sad I’d be if someone else bought it so I went and got it first thing on sunday. She’s such a sweet lady, she seemed surprised that I was going to actually buy it. Anyway I got the squash yesterday and I thought they might enjoy each others company, so here they are having a chat and getting to know each other.
The squash though is now gone though very tasty it was after being roasted with peppers and pine nuts and some feta cheese. Thanks Paul.
A few people have asked recently after my slip trailers so here they are:
Step 1, find what looks like lots of random assortment of items from a session of Kim’s game.
Step 2, chop bicycle inner tube to length, cut biro outer tube or propelling pencil casing to length, fit biro part into demi-john cork, put cork into one end of inner tube, and a bull dog clip on the other.

Step 3, use wire and masking tape to attach the tube to the cork, if you don’t do this tight enough the cork can shoot out with the pressure – makes one hell of a mess! (sorry Ron, might have skimped on your wire.)

Step 4, fill with slip and fire away!

I made some fat jugs earlier in the week, I think they are going to be sgraffitoed when the time comes. I’ve also been throwing some soap dishes which wasn’t something that this week thrilled me with excitement but I had to do it else it would have still be on the to do list three years next autumn. Anyway once I got into them they were fine, they are for an order so I do need to get a move on with them.

I had a slight panic on my return from London as I realised that these beakers and a jug and plate that were for a wedding present had to be ready and in Ripon by today. Thank goodness for my little test kiln, I had them bisque fired in a couple of hours and then out and glazed while they were still burning my fingers that same day. I hope the happy couple enjoy them. I should do more sgraffito, I really enjoy it.
Off now to have some ice cream out of Ron’s tea bowl, oh and maybe a small amount more of the rather tasty red wine that is hanging around this evening. (Can you tell?)
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9 Responses to Stuff and all sorts.

  1. Ron says:

    Ha ha, good post, I did make a mess there at first but got it sorted out. Now how about a little something showing you doing some simple trailing?? I still haven’t got the hang of holding that thing, it’s like a dead fish, well sort of. Should I hold it like a pencil or like a dagger (like I’m going to repeatedly stab someone in a horror film)?

  2. Ha, Ron I’m with you there mine is more like a half dead fish, it shakes around a bit while i’m trying to use it! Bring on the vids Hannah, show us!

  3. ang says:

    hey H just had a look at Yo’s site lovely stuff no wonder you couldn’t resist a purchase, hope you’re settling in back at work ok, I just had a peruse through Alan’s blog again and found the clip you mentioned- ummm, can anyone say ladder??

  4. Hannah says:

    Hmmm, video, that’ll take some working out while I’m in the studio on my own. Maybe, will have to rope Paul in I think. My slip tends to be slightly on the thin side so you barely have to squeeze it to get it out. Then as the bag empties I roll the tube up and clip it again, so that there’s never excess floppy stuff hanging about. Does that make sense?

  5. doug fitch says:

    That Yo pot's a beauty – I wanted to buy one of those at E&F but spent too much on french slipware. Yo's over the road tonight at her mother in law's, will probably see her over the weekend.I've been using my slip trailer, but with really, really runny slip – love it(not brave enough to show any of it though!)

  6. Ron says:

    Hey that makes sense. Maybe you could just show us a pic of you holding the trailer in the position you use it. No need to torture Paul.

  7. Brad Lail says:

    Love the trailers. You can bet I will be making someof those. I am having trouble finding god trailers in China anyway. I went to every hair place from here to there. Like twelve places and ended up with two that were somewhat good.

  8. Alex Solla says:

    ahhh, I LOVE it. These slip trailers make WAAAY too much sense. Very nice idea. I have tried the hair coloring bottles for about a year now and they run into that awful problem of creating a vacuum inside, so the flow of slip stops. Usually right in the middle of a nice flowing line. This method of yours looks like YOU control the pressure!! I love it! Thanks for sharing Hannah.

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