Still Movement Volume III

Here you go, some more images from ‘Still Movement’. This first one is ‘Of Reeds’, the image of Phil’s that it is worked from is just further down the post here. Thought I’d show you where these pieces came from too as it might be interesting.

Each of these panels of mine is approximately 22 x 22cm and they are about 3cm deep, each has a hanging loop on the back too just in case you don’t want to grout them into your fireplace.

This is Phil McMenemy’s image ‘Reeds’. This particular version of it is the same size as my panels and is block mounted and heat sealed. Do feel free to contact Phil if you would like any more information about the images and the options that are available.

This is the full image ‘Reeds’ that I used.
Next up we have ‘Grasses’. Again Phil’s image that inspired this is below. What is rather odd is that I didn’t ever have a colour proper copy of this image when I was working on my pieces. All I had was a dodgy print out from my computer when the ink cartridge was running out and it’s a bit grey and streaky as a result. I’d been using the white slips brushed on for both of these pieces and though I’d maybe used it too thinly on these plates but when they came out finished they looked remarkably similar in tone to the photograph.

The plates are if I remember rightly about 40cm diameter – ish. I’m really pleased with them.

Phil McMenemy ‘Grasses’.
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8 Responses to Still Movement Volume III

  1. Brilliant, thanks Hannah. I thought it appropriate and apposite to point out that my 'Reeds' image, as shown, is 'only' a detail from the complete piece. Ought I submit the complete image so viewers get a greter understanding of your terrific interpretation? Just a thought. Thanks again though. Love phil x

  2. doug Fitch says:

    Fab, well done both of you

  3. ang walford says:

    as you should be !!! rather brilliant H and 3cm thick ooh ahhhh :)))

  4. Cheers Han – I posted that image without moving my lips!! Chuffed too that we got a 'fab' from Mr Fitch!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love the plates, I thought they were great when they appeared on your header!Dave

  6. Those plates are outstanding. That thinly brushed slip makes a great varigated surface. What kind of glaze do you use over the top?

  7. Paul Jessop says:

    WoW these look great, really good work.

  8. Ron says:

    Hi Hannah. Just home from vacation and catching up on your last 3 posts. Everything looks amazing. Love seeing the pieces by you and Phil. Good luck getting ready for the shows. Hope to chat soon.

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