Still Movement Volume I

Blue Line

I’m going to drip feed these images to you. It’s for those of you who are too far away to visit the “Still Movement” exhibition which is on at Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries until September 24th. Closed sundays and mondays though. The whole show is the result of a collaboration between myself and fine art photographer Phil McMenemy.
In this post you have Phil McMenemy’s photographs which he took for the show and then gallery photographs (by Colin Tennant) which mainly are of the pieces that I made for the show.

Reach jugs

Each of my pieces have been made with one of Phil’s images in mind. I eventually close four of his images to work with, I’ll give you those in another post too.


Myself and Phil spent an awful lot of time together talking about this exhibition, and drinking tea and worrying about this exhibition and eating cake and then out and about taking my pots out into the landscapes that Phil loves to photograph and well, drinking tea.

Ice Line (photograph) with Crack (slipware dish set, these can be wall hung too)

This piece is inspired by the huge image there on the wall of a crack in a frozen loch, my interpretation is a series of 12 dishes which range from about 5″ diameter to about 15″ diameter.

I don’t have the skills necessary to produce huge pots (yet!) and the gallery space at Gracefield is rather large as you can see. My domestic pots would be utterly lost if I just placed one or two of them in the space. I didn’t want to use any plinths in the end as I’m a bit sick of them and this gave me the chance to do something different. My way of creating scale was to use groups and sets of pots.


Phil’s work is very particularly Phil I think and I love the way he has placed my pots into his views of Galloway.

Still Movement

The photographs and the pots that form the exhibition are for sale, if you would like more information please just contact me and I can pass you on to Phil or Gracefield. Let me know what you think of the show. I know it’s not quite the same not seeing it in the space. The rest will come over the next week or so.

Just for your information too, finished images are block mounted and heat-sealed for complete safety to protect from light damage and are limited to 5 off only at 24”x16”, the price for these sizes are £145. If you are at all interested in them and would like more information or to discuss alternatives, please drop me a line or contact Phil and we can help you out. Thanks.

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7 Responses to Still Movement Volume I

  1. so thoughtful and so very lovely.I love, love the plates to the painting.Like a wonderful path to walk down.And those pitchers (jugs) dreamy!

  2. Susan says:

    The line of plates is fantastic, I just love the way the line flows across them.The photography is stunning too.Congratulations to everyone, totally stunning.

  3. Dan Finnegan says:

    Wow! What a beautiful combination!

  4. Anna says:

    What an awesome concept! Very cool.

  5. Linda B says:

    I love the nestle photo

  6. ang walford says:

    that is such a great body of work!… I think the concept has gelled really and wish i could see it in person H, enjoy the 'space'….

  7. Alex says:

    Wow, your new 'headline page' is brilliant.

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