Still in the 17th C vein

Continuing in the 17th Century theme and borrowing nae plagiarising heavily from the glorious Stoke on Trent Museum book I decorated the mugs today. It was a slow process not least because I discovered there were ice crystals in my slip trailers – extreme potting, and because I had to get up and do some dancing around every twenty minutes or so as I’d frozen into the chair. It has been bitter, took till about 3pm for the workshop to start feeling warm and that was having had the anti frost thing on the heater all night and then it was on full as soon as I arrived this morning. There was ice on the inside of the windows which I’ve never had at work before. I suppose it did read -11 degrees C when I left the house this morning and that was with the sun out and shining on the thermometer!

So I did the wee squat mugs first and tried to do them all different to each other.

If you have seen the Stoke book you’ll know where I’m coming from with these.

White tops, black bottoms. The ones in the book are thrown in a very buff clay, quite unlike what I’m working with here.

White on white, not something I do other than as a fill in occasionally.

Again in the olde worlde theme I had a bath by candlelight being as the light switch in the bathroom is playing silly beggars and then we had venison for dinner. Maybe next week I’ll be dressed like this to keep in the theme…

Or even this. . .

Though the weather would have to be considerably warmer before I would even consider baring so much flesh.
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7 Responses to Still in the 17th C vein

  1. Peter says:

    Wonderful post. Goodness, ice in the slip trailer, you sound like an Eskimo potter! I think sensible potting attire would not include plunging necklines in the frozen North. Our Ginger cat looks like he would make a really nice warming muff to drape around the neck. Do sing out if you are desperate, and we will dispatch him fast post!Happy New Year!

  2. Those mugs are looking good. Did I see that you will be doing Potfest this year? Could be a first for us to be at the same event!Cold here too- though not too bad today as I did a glaze firing last night.

  3. potterboy says:

    Lovely lovely mugs.As for Peter's comment, it's had me in stitches for about the last ten minutes…

  4. Holy mackeral! The slip trailing is amazing! You must have a lot of fun with all those different riffs. The marbelizing is quite nice too.

  5. ang says:

    heheheh mmmmmm oooooh jeweling lovely stuff H, not sure about the frock though dont think they believed in breathing in those things…

  6. Anonymous says:

    That ginner cat's a brilliant idea, no-one would know it was there…..x

  7. paul jessop says:

    I love the White on White.keep warm.

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