Square Dishes and not raining jigs.

Somebody was asking about how I made my square dishes so here you go. The photo above shows the base on the right and the walls on the left, I’ve already moved the walls into the shape that I want them to be. The sections were thrown the evening before and so were still pretty wet so move easily and can be joined easily without too much faff.

The shaped walls placed onto the base ready to be joined.

The joins smoothed into each other.

The excess of the base cut away and the profile cut with a tool, once these are a little tougher I’ll turn away some of that excess on the walls, the bit that looks a bit ugly here, and that’s that.


Extract from the “Oh my it hasn’t rained for an hour” jig.

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5 Responses to Square Dishes and not raining jigs.

  1. Anna says:

    Aaah! I forgot about that technique. Thanks for the step by step! So glad the rain has stopped (?!) Its finally below 80F here. Thank goodness!

  2. ajsimmons says:

    …definitely losing it! x

  3. paul jessop says:

    I didn't notice any sequins on your ball gown!

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