Spring's on it's way

Narcisisisisisisi I think they’re called, tiny daffs, anyway whatever they be they are on their way out as are the snowdrops under the big beech tree on the drive. The end of the dark days is nigh and actually so far, fingers crossed, touch wood it’s been an ok winter. So it was minus a million for a lot of it but at least that meant it was clear blue skies and glorious sunshine. Give me that rather than wet grey and miserable any day.

Creatures are creeping.

Funny mist the other morning, it was great seeing it lying on the fields in the dents. A bit eery but good.
It’s been a right busy week this week, all sorts of things happening. Yesterday I had a visit from a Scottish Potter friend, Lynda who used to be the newsletter editor for the SPA, she came to try to teach me how to be the SPA newsletter editor. So I now have the relevant software which I’ve never used in my life and a list of things that go in each month and things that are needed and a list of deadlines. Oh how on earth do I get myself into these things? As if I didn’t have enough to do already.
Been making pots and getting things delivered to Designs Gallery in Castle Douglas which now have a really good display of my pots for the next six weeks or so. Great cafe downstairs too if you’re in the area and thinking of popping in.
Oh and the lovely Philip Leach down in Hartland all those many miles away has started a blog too – finally!
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  1. Anna says:

    I love the creatures! I know what you mean about newsletters. I help out with one here for our local spinning and weaving guild. Why did I add that to my list of chores???

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