Spring Fling bits

A quick Spring Fling post, I thought I had more video than I do, sorry about that and now that I put it up there I may already have posted this picture of Dave and Sue trying to warm themselves at my fire, can’t just remember.

I tidied one end of the workshop, it was wonderful to have the space this year. It did make it look like I didn’t have many pots though but I think they looked much better for having space around them which I have never really been able to do previously.

At the end that you can’t see I was throwing and handling and decorating pots when I was able, in between talking to lots of people whilst enthusing wildly about the wonderful-ness of the bubbly pots that were from the wood kiln. I took lots of people down to see the kiln, whether they wanted to or not! What I could do with though if I am able to do Spring Fling again next year is to have someone there to help me. My sister was there one day but then I was trying to show people how I do things for the rest of the weekend and wrapping pots too and it all got a bit complicated and messy.

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6 Responses to Spring Fling bits

  1. kateuk says:

    The studio and the pots look super- very organised and so much space…I'm getting ready for Open Studio next week,wading through chaos….suddenly my studio seems tiny and so full of stuff!

  2. Ron says:

    I'm sure everyone enjoyed seeing your new space, the kiln and all the great pots!

  3. Dennis Allen says:

    I'm always struggling with trying to put too many pots in a small booth. Yours look great with a little bit of elbow room.

  4. Those black and white characters are the customers waiting for the doors to open, right???

  5. I know that everyone found you charming and probably loved seeing you doing it all, however, a helpful wrapper is great, gives you more time to chat with people while not fussing with bags and paper and stuff! I am so envious of that fireplace!!!!!

  6. Anna says:

    If the commute wasn't so blasted complicated I would volunteer to be your wrapper! The studio really looks fantastic, the pots show so well. I love seeing so much of your work on display, those roundish lidded cassaroles (?) are sweet as can be!

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