Spring Fling 2016

I'm taking part in SF 2016

It’s nearly time for the annual extravaganza of art and craft that is Dumfries and Galloway’s Spring Fling Open Studios weekend. Each year for the past 14 years during the bank holiday weekend at the end of May the region’s artists and craftspeople have spruced up their workshops and opened their doors to the hundreds of visitors that make the pilgrimage to this glorious corner in south west Scotland.

It is an amazing event, craft work of every discipline is made across the region and the best makers are selected to participate. The diversity on display is phenomenal. We are as always really pleased to have been selected and look forward to welcoming visitors next weekend.

13217446_1338413452841074_2025569156964657236_oWe have fired the wood kiln this last week and tomorrow will unpack it to see what goodies are inside before repacking it and firing it again on Tuesday to get another group of pots out in time for Spring Fling. Then we’ll pack it again on Friday and with the help of our buddy Alex McErlain and a new friend and helper Ashleigh, we will be firing the wood kiln again on the Saturday of the spring Fling weekend. This means that visitors to the workshop on Saturday will be able to see the firing happening and hopefully get a bit of an insight into how and why we chose to fire in this crazy way.

If you don’t have a  copy of the lovely brochure there is still time to get one, or have a look at the website and the online version of the brochure here to whet your appetite. If you are planning to come along, do pop in to see us at Lochdougan House and say hello, we’d be pleased to see you.

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  1. Dennis Allen says:

    Have a great weekend. You might park Pippin by the pots with a sign that says “Help Feed This Baby”

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