Splat, and a forceful one at that.

I got really annoyed with myself this afternoon as I started losing handles on dishes and jugs, my own stupid fault too much to do, too little time so not waiting properly for that critical time and trying to “wing it!” I know I know I shouldn’t have started decorating them but you know how it is when you’re pushed. So when I saw the handle pulling away on this one I picked it up and hurled it. Very satisfying, then calmly threw the rest in the bin, cleaned the floor and went for a ride. I’ll remake them tomorrow.

This morning though I was throwing, so much on the to do list it’s ridiculous. It’s good I know it’s good, keeps me busy, keeps Paul in cheese, but at the moment I really want to have a play and I just don’t have time. Anyway I need one bowl this size, they’re three pound weight and it’s just a pleasant size to throw, but liked it so much, the clay was right, the shapes just felt good and I could have made them all morning but I had to stop at three and get on with the other things. It felt damn good though.

This afternoon saw me and my pal Phil, above, driving through glorious sunshine and then torrential rain to visit our friend Linda who we are having a joint show with in August. August, did I just type that? Oh well it’s not like another deadline will make any difference. We had a good chat and a catch up, Linda is about to embark on a new and exciting venture, I’m very jealous!

Linda’s house is full of my pots! She was buying them even before she met me and still buys them now even though she knows what I’m really like. I think this jug was the first thing she bought but the house is full of them, I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess at how many there are but more than there are of mine in my house for sure. We swapped a set of dinner plates for a quilt a few years back. I love the swapping game, blooming marvelous.
On another note, thanks for all the fabulous responses yesterday, all very heartfelt maybe we need to do some more educating of what we do. The bit that I failed to mention though is that the comment came from someone within the arts sector as a practitioner and working within an arts centre. Makes you wonder doesn’t it.
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5 Responses to Splat, and a forceful one at that.

  1. Ron says:

    I used your mug all day as I worked in the shop. It's such a great mug, i love using it.

  2. Hannah, my little collection (1) of McAndrew pot gets frequent use. Most recently it held the eggs I scrambled for our Monday breakfast. I'm hoping to add more to the collection.I throw things a fair amount, when things aren't working out. Just today, a very nice Tennessee potter, Roger Harvey, was in my studio and I noticed a dried splooge of thrown white stoneware on the doorframe behind him. I wondered if he'd see that …

  3. jimgottuso says:

    i bet it was very satisfying to let that piece fly… lovely jug from linda's collection

  4. Just come in from mixing a whole load of gaze and I just had to check that you had included that on your list of processes in making a glaze!!I baught the raw materials weeks ago but have kept putting mixing it up off. Couldn't put it off a day longer. Perhaps we should all print off your list to educate customers.

  5. Veronica says:

    Hannah, I love the jug in the window from Linda's collection – did you realise it's a classic Minoan (and Mycenaean)design? If I can find a way of copying the photo I have in a book I'll send it to you

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