Specially Made For a Special Boy

It’s been a while since I started to think about making a quilt, I started to collect the material over twelve months ago, before the recipient was even born.

As per always it took me a whole to start it but I wanted to make a special present for Gregor’s first Christmas.

So dragons it is, friendly dragons of course, none of those big scary gnashing of teeth ones, some little friendly, cake eating, tea drinking ones.

Biscuit was keen to ‘help’.

Christmas Eve found me sitting at the sewing machine, listening to the crazy wild weather outside and hoping that the power wasn’t going to go off before I got it finished. It didn’t. Eight minutes to twelve and I managed to finish it.

So here is the completely bemused little boy wrapped up in his new quilt sporting his Santa outfit. Of all the presents that he was given he was most taken with his new toothbrush bless him.

Happy first Christmas Gregor from your Auntie Hannah.x

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5 Responses to Specially Made For a Special Boy

  1. Rob says:

    It’s beautiful (although I did think that Biscuit was part of the design at one point)!

  2. gz says:

    A beautiful quilt-and another quilting potter!

  3. Sarah mcandrew says:

    An amazing special gift from a very special Auntie. Gregor absolutely loves it x

  4. Daniel Finnegan says:


  5. Linda says:

    Well done, absolutely lovely. Slow to get going but when you did you really went for it. Big pat on the back. X

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