You can just if you look very very closely see the sparks a flying there from behind the kiln. Today was bracing day. There may have been a small misunderstanding over the size of steel required and when the truth was discovered after the ordering and cutting of said steel there may have almost been some sparks flying then but deep breaths and never mind, it’ll certainly not rust through in a hurry.

Don’t look at the light.

All neat and tidy, a huge thank you to my secret Welding Elf, who now joins the ranks of the Green Fingered Elf, my Clay Shifting Elf, my Shed Building Elf and my Baking Elf. Quite a little army of elves I have out there in the world it would seem, so watch out elf I’ll set them on you. Oh dear, get it? ‘Elf’ I’ll set them on you, well it made me chuckle for a mili-second at least. Oh yes and I mustn’t forget the second set of Baking Elves who brought fab chocolate brownies along at lunch time, thanks girls!
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9 Responses to Sparks.

  1. potterboy says:

    I'm glad there wasn't an 'Elf and Safety' inspection.Oh dear…

  2. Dan Finnegan says:

    I have 'elf' a mind to stop reading this silly blog! (not!)

  3. Hannah says:

    Tee hee glad to see my friends are on the same ridiculous wavelength as me.

  4. Wow, looks good.Crack on, there's no excuses now!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I will b voting 4 the Green party who support 'The National Elf Service'

  6. Am I the only one who read "Don't look at the light," … and then immediately looked at the light? The kiln looks great, and with that hefty bit of steel it should last many a firing.

  7. Liz says:

    I totally looked at the light. And I now better! It the defient lttle elf in me….

  8. Ron says:

    Wow! Get to work H. Fill it up soon. I guess there's still work to be done though. I looked at the light too.

  9. Holy Cow it's ginormous. I had no idea from the previous pics that it would be that large. It's bigger than my spare room. If you rent it out, is the heat included?

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