South : North Divide?

Following on from the collaboration that was in the last blog post, here is something a bit different. This one has little to do with me other than these pots were fired in my kiln last week. These are part of an ongoing collaboration between Alex McErlain and Alice Kettle. Alex if you haven’t been paying attention to my blog the past is the man that inspired me to make pots. Alice I have never met but was the creator of the first none painting exhibition that I ever saw in an art gallery (Whitworth Art Gallery, Manhester, probably about 1995).

The pots are made of Doug’s Devon clay but thrown in Lancashire and fired in Galloway, now they are being sent back south to Alice who will “wrap” them in threads. You can see some of Alex and Alice’s collaborative work on Alice’s website and if you get the chance in the Pairings exhibition while it is still touring. I’ll hopefully post some more pictures once these have been dealt with by Alice so you can see what she does with them. As they stand at the moment they are beautiful objects in their own right, Alex is lucky that they all made it back to Lancashire.
The figures in the top picture are by Katie, Alex’s granddaughter, they are fair lovely too.

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  1. Joe Troncale says:

    Facinating pieces. So what happens next?

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