I seem to have been a bit way laid in the last few days, pots and flipping paper work needing doing and being very tired at the end of it all. It didn’t feel like there was much to report either so sorry for the absence but here I am back again. I can’t promise there’ll be anything exciting to tell you still but there you go.

We were watching a little spider climb the wall in the kitchen this morning while we were having breakfast and wondered whether if we put tiny miniature traffic lights or a roundabout in front of it whether it would obey the highway code.
That’s by the by really.

It’s been a couple or three days of throwing and handling and trying to get things to dry. Today though we had aestival weather so the pots got shuttled outside to catch some rays. I’m trying to make pots for Ceramics in the City, an exhibition here in Castle Douglas (that’s our postcard image up there, Phil McMenemy is a photographer and Linda Woodfield is a quilter) and a couple of orders for shops and some individual pieces ordered by customers and Alan won’t lend me his apprentice. Meany.
Chainsaw course tomorrow and thursday so not much pot making happening then. Yikes!
spot the word of the day!
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3 Responses to Sorry

  1. Ron says:

    aestival 1. Of or relating to summer. 2. Coming forth in the summer.I’ll be expecting a full report on the chainsaw class including pics of you in full gear including chaps and helmet.

  2. alan says:

    Very fetching I’m sure you’ll look in all that safty gear but if you wanted to borrow Nicola maybe you will change your mind after having a look at my video blog which she was in charge of making. (only kidding I think she did a grand job – apart from the deliberate mistake).

  3. paul jessop says:

    Ron you swat !!Rare or occuring in 18 of the collins English Dictionary.But I suppose you guys up there have your own version.Harvest Jug – excluding people north of Watford.

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