Some sun, some pots and some sea.

Ok just a pot actually but I just unpacked a kiln yesterday and this was my favourite piece out of it. It’s probably 12″ diameter I think. Very glossy. Yesterday it poured down in the morning so much so that even though I cycled in in full waterproofs, by the time I got to work I had to peel of my shoes and socks, I wrung my socks out and had to pour the water out of my shoes. I spent the first couple of hours at the workshop wandering about barefooted with my shoes and socks hung over the heater gently steaming themselves dry. (A case for leaving a spare pair of shoes at work I think.)

The sun did come out for the BBQ in the evening though, this is Amanda, Lizzie and Helen were also in attendance but are more camera shy. As a bit of a laugh I will send a little pot to the person who can correctly identify the most makers of the pots in these two pictures (above and below here.) Deadline Sunday at midnight.

I thought the draining board looked good full of pots.

Paul and Ian on the boat we were out on last week on the sunny side of the trip and below this was what it was like when we moored up in the bay at the end. Was a great thing to watch the rain bouncing off the sea.

Off to Earth and Fire at Rufford tomorrow. I don’t have a proper stand this year but I am on a stand with the Northern Potters Association so I still get to show a few pots. It’ll be good to see Doug and Paul Young again, I think that might be the last time I see them this year, not sure what I’ll do after that, gotten quite used to seeing them every couple of weeks. Anyway as I don’t have a stand to man all the time I will be able to see some of the demos and maybe help Paul and Doug out if they want a wander, I could flog their fab pots, that’ll be much easier than selling my own. I used to work in a gallery in Manchester. It’s far easier to sell other peoples work I always think. Anyway till the next time, ta-ra.
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7 Responses to Some sun, some pots and some sea.

  1. doug fitch says:

    I reckon two HmcA’s in the top one and a PY, four H McA’s, two CB’s and two Ikeas in the second shot, that’s as good as I can do!Look forward to seeing you at Rufford. Paul’s doing a demo so let’s get our heckling heads on. Aren’t you coming down for the Bideford firing in Sept?

  2. ajsimmons says:

    …wish i paid more attention to the pot list now!….i know theres a Chris Keening in there somewhere!…think i should’ve been more camera shy!A x

  3. tsbroome says:

    My guess is Hannah, you seem to be making more pots than anyone I know!Also, beautiful pots, I might add….

  4. Hannah says:

    Looks like Doug’s won but he might lose points for the Ikea comment.How dare he!

  5. gary rith says:

    Hey, hello from a blogging potter in New York. So pleased to meet you and see your fine work! -Gary

  6. Hannah says:

    In case anyone wondered the plate competition answers were as follows:Top photo (left to right) Habitat, Chris Keenan for Habitat, Paul Young, a me beaker and a me plate.Bottom photo (plates front to back)Francoise Dufayard, Jeremy Steward, Hazel Higham, Clive Bowen x2, Jhan Stanley x2, Me x2,.Mugs a lovely German chap fromPotfest, Me x2, Lisa Hammond, Toff Milway.

  7. Christine says:

    Looks like I missed a good barbecue! This blogging looks like a great thing to me….but where do you find the time?!

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