Some dry weather!

Lots of slipping being done at the moment in between checking to see if there is any more wet stuff falling from the sky. A whole afternoon of dryness today! That staves off the insanity for another day – just.

Wet slip is just the tastiest thing isn’t it.

And finally, this paint brush is the one I use for dusting off my bisque pots, especially sgraffito ones. It was when I got my first studio, a proper paintbrush, I just realised last week how much of the brush I have worn away over the years. I think it may need fixing with a new one.
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2 Responses to Some dry weather!

  1. Anna says:

    Would love to see a demo of your steps for slip application…maybe in Virginia in 2010? Dan had mentioned…..:)

  2. Man, that wet slip looks good enough to eat. Like a really delicious cookie.

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