Softly softly does it.

Dodgy photo, suits a rather dodgy bit of throwing really. Dodgy but at least I did some. Very very soft clay and I could just about manage but it was awkward as I had to try to keep my index finger out of the way as it doesn’t quite move like it should yet. It took me a while to get to any shape that I was vaguely happy with and the clay was getting very tired by the end. I had a few wire mishaps too where I sliced up through the bottoms when I was trying to cut them off the wheel. I usually control the wire with my two index fingers but used my middle finger on the right hand which didn’t quite understand it’s job fully.
It’s good to get something thrown, feels like it’s been months. BCTF is in just over two weeks. Yikes!

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  1. ang says:

    take it easy H, make sure your hand is ready for work, maybe a little massaging will get things moving again..thanks for your little visit, I hadn’t realised how little i had appeared on my own blog!! .. cheers ang

  2. Peter says:

    Glad you are making progress Hannah, but sorry that you have had such a time of it with the hand. I read somewhere once about a potter (I think it was Ruthanne Tudball) who taught herself to throw with the opposite wheel rotation, Japanese style, after a wrist injury, and also uses very soft clay. I’m not sure if I should applaud or cry when reading about such devotion to the clay! Anyway, get well soon, and all the best for BCTF.

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